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Parker Schnabel Girlfriend: Parker Schnabel Dating New Girlfriend Brit Sheena Cowell


If you watched the Discovery Channel show, Gold Rush, you probably know who Parker Schnabel is.
He is one of the people on the show who has been there since the beginning.

Recent rumors about the 24-year-life old’s say that he broke up with his girlfriend at the time, Ashley Yule. You can’t always believe everything you hear, but you can always find out if it’s true.

If getting answers is the main reason you’re here, you can rest easy knowing you’re in the right place.
Before we talk about Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend, let’s talk about why he broke up with Ashley Yule and about his other dates.

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Parker Schnabel’s Dating Life And Break Up With Ex-girlfriend Ashley Yule.

The gold miner’s grandfather, John Schnabel, who was also on the Gold Rush show, blessed, if not predicted, his dating life. Before he died at age 96, he promised his grandson that he would find a woman who would care for him well.

Parker Schnabel met Ashley Yule, who was his girlfriend at the time, not long after he died. The queen is an Australian who works as a nurse for animals. You now know why the two met in Australia before Parker Schnabel decided to invite her to North America.

Ashley Yule was a star on Gold Rush for almost two seasons. Her boyfriend got her on the show in the first place. The stars seemed to have a perfect relationship because there were no public fights and Schnabel never stopped praising his queen in public.

This is why their fans were surprised when Parker Schnabel and Ashley Yule broke up. But the guy is a gentleman because, unlike most people who blame their partners for a breakup, he admitted that it was his fault. He said that he hadn’t given the veterinary nurse the attention she needed and wasn’t doing anything to make their relationship work because he was too busy with gold mining and the show.

In a way, this means that Parker Schnabel’s breakup with Ashley Yule was caused by John Schnabel’s grandson.

Parker Schnabel Is Dating A New Girlfriend Brit Sheena Cowell.

Since Parker Schnabel’s breakup with the nurse was public and real, fans want to know if their favorite star has a new girlfriend or if he is dating at all.

Well, it looks like the 27-year-old is seeing someone. Can you quickly guess who the new girl in Parker Schnabel’s life is? You can’t since she’s not one of those famous people.

Brit Sheena Cowell, Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend, is shown in this picture. On August 13, the gold miner posted a racy picture of a woman named Brit Sheena Cowell. People think that the woman is a gold miner and works for Knickerbocker glory TV.

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel

Sources say that Brit Sheen Cowell is Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend because of the picture they took together and put on Instagram. We can’t be sure of this, though, because the gold miner hasn’t shown the woman to the public yet.

Brit Sheena Cowell could just be a friend, but she could also be Parker Schnabel’s new girlfriend. If she is his girlfriend, we certainly wish them the best and hope that they will get married.

Still, we hope that the Gold Rush star will confirm this as soon as possible because we can’t wait to tell you more about how they met and how their relationship is going.

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