Myndplay: Mind Control Headset Launching On Kickstarter

Myndplay: Mind Control Headset Launching On Kickstarter


Are you looking for a new phone? Myndplay is the world’s first mind control headset that lets you play games with your thoughts. It’s an innovative and immersive gaming experience, without any of the limitations or frustrations of traditional controllers.

You can even use it to surf the web, answer emails and text messages, or just relax by watching movies on Netflix. With Myndplay, there are no buttons to press or joysticks to move – all you have to do is think about what you want to do!

The device uses EEG technology (electroencephalography) which monitors brainwaves through a headband worn around your forehead. This allows users to interact with their games using.

MyndPlay, a firm that creates a mind-controlled video platform and headgear, is launching the MyndHub product on Kickstarter.

MyndPlay, a UK-based startup, developed the MyndBand EEG brainwave headgear and MyndPlayer, an interactive mind-controlled video platform. Users can use their brainwaves to control platforms when these technologies are combined.

Previously, MyndPlay has created the MyndBand and MyndPlayer technology, which works in tandem with EEG. Users can use their brainwaves to operate their gadget if they only utilize technology that is already accessible and packaged in a wristband.

Myndplay appears to be continuing its game of technological innovation with the introduction of the novel headgear.

MyndPlay is now releasing the MyndHub product, which it has already worked with a number of broadcasters, creative agencies, and consumer companies on as well as conducting a research project with Barco based on brain input to evaluate meeting success.

How Myndplay Works?

The MyndHub solution also includes the company’s MyndBand EEG headset, which is promoted as the world’s first research-grade customizable EEG neurofeedback headgear.

Brain training and neurofeedback are becoming more popular as future technologies. MyndBand uses a single dry sensor on the forehead and two sensors placed around the ears, which may be wirelessly linked to a computer, tablet, or phone.

The gadget is equipped with a brain wave monitor and sensor. The brainwave controller’s host device must also be completely undetectable and undetectable to the user so that it may be safely worn.

It works with the MyndPlay mobile app, which sends data to the headband through Bluetooth.

Features of The Myndplay

Users will be able to move, spin, fly, and modify linked gadgets while also improving their attention and relaxation capabilities in the brain thanks to MyndHub.

What Is MyndPlay’s Goal?

MyndPlay’s MyndBand is a head-mounted EEG headset with electrodes that collect brainwaves. Users can create, manage, and share audio or video material on the Mind-Based Video Platform (MBVP) using this component.

The MyndPlayer software is compatible with the Mind-Based Video Platform and MyndPlayer.

The MyndPlay MBVP is being developed by some of the leading minds in the business, including individuals who have worked with DARPA, the Pentagon, and Australia’s Department of Defense.

Accessibility of The Device-

Although the MyndBand is compatible with all Neurosky programs and devices, iOS phone and tablet users will not be able to acquire raw data via BLE.

The Myndplay Myndband EEG Headset SDK is also available for desktop, mobile, and virtual reality apps.

You can also get the Myndplay Myndband EEG Headset in cap form, or you may buy the cap designed specifically for the Brainband XL Headset.

Myndplay Trailer-

According to a teaser on YouTube from MyndPlay, MyndHub is a Jedi brain-training program. It’s a device that allows any goods to be controlled by the brain in seconds, which is basically what myndhub is.

Our company’s mission is to make people more aware of their screen use. Our product, MyndHub, transforms your brain power into energy and sends it from your head to your gadget using the data it collects.

It’s time to start checking, as the new Nintendo Switch Oled Model is expected to hit shelves in October.


The technology world is progressively becoming more mainstream and is now accessible to the general public. Every year, new technologies get more sophisticated, and with it comes the creation of new firms and expert goods. The market is continuing to expand.

MyndPlay’s focus on the video game industry and the research and development of mind-controlled video platforms provides it with a significant market opportunity. Users may use their brainwaves to drive a head-mounted display and communicate with other gadgets thanks to the headgear and MyndHub.

According to the latest 3D printing industry research, demand is expected to continue growing as consumer and business adoption increase.

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