Mommy-to-be Ashley Iaconetti talks cravings and sleep during her second trimester

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The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ alum talks about embracing parenthood with husband Jared Haibon, sharing pregnancy experiences about her food cravings and sleep as she is currently in her second trimester.

Ashley Iaconetti is all positive and hoping for this phase to go much better and ever so smoothly as compared to her previous one.

In conversation with ‘PEOPLE’, the 33 year old star shared, “Everything is day to day. As long as I get 10 hours of sleep, that feels good and I don’t get nauseous. I’m not nauseous when I sleep. It’s like, can I just sleep all day?”

Ashley further added, “I’m hopeful that the second trimester I start feeling better. We could be a little bit more cutesy and go on dates, and feel a little bit more like a couple and less like a nurse-patient relationship.”

This comes after he husband Haibon, 32, confessed of not being able to go on dates and get all cozy and romantic due to his pregnant wife’s ill health and sickness, revealing that they are missing out on romance and it is almost nonexistent.

Sharing more about her food cravings the actress goes, “Chocolate cake comes and goes. “I’ve thrown it up a couple too many times. Macaroni and cheese has been very, very good to me. I have not thrown up macaroni and cheese. I don’t call them cravings as much as I call them non-aversions.”

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