Mayans M.C. Season 4 Episode 10 Recap

Mayans M.C. Season 4 Episode 10 Recap ‘When The Breakdown Hit At Midnight’ Explained In Details


Anyway, Alvarez and his men from Santo Padre later meet at their meeting table, not long after EZ and Sofia are attacked by a few Sons while riding their motorcycles. Alvarez says that the attack was not authorized and was done by a group of Sons that has gone bad. Alvarez adds that he recently talked to SAMCRO president Chibs, and it sounds like the Sons have agreed to a ceasefire, but not a full surrender, which makes EZ very sad.

EZ is already upset with Alvarez. Earlier in the episode, EZ told Alvarez that the club would die if he didn’t seal that business deal with El Banquero’s sister, Soledad. Alvarez still wouldn’t agree, so EZ went to see Bishop and suggested that Alvarez be kicked out and Bishop be made president instead.

So, at the Santo Padre meeting, EZ surprises Alvarez with a clause from the club’s old bylaws that lets a president be removed from office if he is voted out unanimously. EZ tells his brothers that they can either keep Alvarez and obey the Sons of Anarchy, or they can go to war and fight for the future of their charter. The men vote one by one, and everyone chooses war. Alvarez is kicked out. Alvarez tells them as he walks out the door, “I built this club, and I’m glad I won’t be here to see it burn.”

In the biggest surprise of the episode, though, EZ turns to Bishop, who he had promised to put back in charge of Santo Padre. “Everyone in the temple knows you are the leader. So I want to make you… my vice president,” he says, which surprises everyone, but Bishop in particular. EZ then moves to the head of the table, where Alvarez just sat, and gives a weird, cult-leader-like speech about “our nation,” “a new day rising,” and his plan to “lift us to greatness.” The men, especially Angel, look a little scared, but they soon start pounding the table in support of their new president.

After everyone else has left, Angel tells his brother EZ that he hasn’t been the same since he killed Gaby. But EZ says that he’s helping the club in a way that no one else is willing to try: he’s moving heroin for Soledad. “If you’re not on this train, please get off, or it will run over you,” says EZ. Angel asks, “Is that a threat?” But EZ just gives Angel a tight squeeze on the shoulder and leaves the room.

At the end of the episode, we’re back where Soledad keeps her stash of heroin, in a warehouse. Someone in all black with a hoodie break-in pours gasoline everywhere and lights a match, but the arsonist’s identity is never found out, even as people watch the warehouse burn down.

Other highlights from the finale:

  • Speaking of deaths, EZ shoots and kills Jay-Jay, which makes Jay-wife Jay go look for him at EZ’s trailer. Sofa, Jay-wife, Jay’s covers for her husband by saying EZ was with her the whole night before. El banquero, on the other hand, has his throat cut… by Adelita! Who is now Soledad’s worker? I have questions.


  • When Galindo calls Emily with Cristóbal in tow, Emily is scared (and Emily can piece together that something bad happened to her sister). Galindo tells Emily that it’s over and she should go home, and he’s okay with the fact that she ditched him.
  • Creeper finally, and perhaps most tragically, agrees to help the police and give them information about the Santo Padre charter (which Kody previously told him, earlier in the episode, was the only way for both of them to get out of this mess unscathed). But Creeper doesn’t say anything helpful, which surprises and disappoints Kody: Instead, he takes the blame for all of Santo Padre’s crimes, saying that each murder happened “without my club’s knowledge or help.” No way, creeper!

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