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Love Victor Season 4 Cancelled: Love Victor Is End, Will Not Return For Season 4


Why Love, Victor Won’t Be Returning For Season 4

We’ve finally reached the point when we have to say goodbye to our favorite characters from Love, Victor, and our #Venji hearts can’t handle it.

We knew it couldn’t go on forever, but we really hoped it would go on for more than three seasons.

Following 16-year-old Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino) as he adjusts to a new city and strives to know out his sexuality, the LGBTQ+ adolescent drama launched in 2020 (the perfect lockdown binge).

The third season finale of this LGBT coming-of-age story offered a joyful finish, despite Victor’s rough road. What I don’t understand is why it had to end so quickly.

Unfortunately, nowadays it’s not uncommon for actors cast in teen series to be, well, adults. Looking at you, Riverdale.

That doesn’t mean the actors on Love, Victor were all in their teens when production began. Isaac Aptaker, the program’s creator and showrunner, has stated that he intended to keep the show short and sweet, according to the traditional schedule of a high school experience, rather than stretching it for numerous seasons and having people in their late twenties represent adolescents.

I think everyone left feeling like they’d accomplished what they’d set out to do by telling this narrative. This trip that Victor has been on can be broken down into three parts, as he explained to RadioTimes.

All of our cast members were in their twenties or early twenties, giving the impression that they were playing high school students. With the passage of time, the actors have reached their mid-20s while still portraying teenagers, lending an air of “the show has grown up and gone on this journey.”

What’s more, he said, “It seemed like a pretty logical, full-circle conclusion point.”

Even while it left her with a “bittersweet” sensation, co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger thought it was the best way to finish the show and give viewers closure on Victor and his friends’ coming-of-age stories.

There is a lot of affection for this program here. Everyone in our cast is very into it. In other words, “our audience is our family,” she said. “But we do feel so thankful heading into this season that we all got to truly write towards the finale for everybody that felt right to us, and that was our last season,” the writers wrote.

Fans of GLOW or Netflix’s I Am Not Okay With This know the pain of a program being canceled before it could give its characters (and viewers) the satisfying conclusion they deserved.

Why Love, Victor Won’t Be Returning For Season 4
Why Love, Victor Won’t Be Returning For Season 4

While the cancellation of Love, Victor was disappointing, at least the decision was made ahead of time, ensuring that the crucial Ferris wheel scene would be included. “So frequently on TV, you don’t get to write to that, you don’t get to know what your strategy is,” Berger went on. We believe we have something that will leave everyone feeling happy and content with how things end here, and that’s really exciting and fulfilling for us.

Dedicated viewers will know that Love, Victor is a prequel to the 2018 film Love, Simon, in which the protagonist, Simon, seeks out Love, Victor’s protagonist, Victor, for guidance as he fights to accept his sexual orientation. Is there any possibility of another spin-off, even if a fourth season of the main show doesn’t seem realistic at this point?

Aptaker hasn’t ruled out any possibilities, so this one may actually work out.

The option is always there, he said. High school stories are our favorite. We keep saying, “That’s our last high school thing,” yet here we are going to do something else we did in high school. But this is such a fruitful era.

Love, Victor Season 4 Details
Love, Victor Season 4 Details

The risks are high, and the potential rewards are great because there is so much new information to learn. It’s hard to find a more interesting period of life to write about. So yeah, I’m glad I got to tell these tales for three seasons and a movie.

After all, Victor would have the chance to get to know Rahim better, since, unlike Benji, Rahim might understand what it was like for him to be a homosexual person of color with devout, immigrant parents.

Season three gave viewers a deeper look into Rahim’s life than in previous seasons. He had some meaningful chats with his mother and spoke up about the harm of being forced back into the closet in front of his Iranian family.

However, we want to know more about this character, and given Aptaker’s receptivity to the notion of a spin-off, it might not be out of the question after all.

What’s This TV Show About?

The Hulu and Disney+ original series Love, Victor stars Michael Cimino, Rachel Hilson, Anthony Turpel, Bebe Wood, Mason Gooding, George Sear, Isabella Ferreira, Mateo Fernandez, James Martinez, Ana Ortiz, Anthony Keyvan, and Ava Capri and is set in the same universe as the 2016 film Love, Simon. From Texas, the Salazar family (headed by blue-collar dad Armando, played by Raul Martinez), including mom Isabel (Oropeza), brother Victor (Cimino), and kids Adrian (Fernandez) and Pilar (Ferreira), have migrated to Atlanta to start the series.

Victor becomes friends with his uncomfortable neighbor Felix Westen (Turpel), Mia Brooks (Hilson), and media-obsessed Lake Meriwether (Allen), despite his social awkwardness (Wood). On his quest for identity, Victor must contend with problems at home, a new environment in a new place, and his own sexuality. Victor is in the midst of figuring out not just who he wants to be with, but also who he wants to be in general, throughout the third season. With the next steps in their lives after high school approaching, Victor and his buddies have a fresh set of challenges to overcome.

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