Lea Michele dedicates an album to her son Ever Leo; Shares, “Music is my way of communicating with him”


Singer Lea Michele announced on Monday that she is going to release a lullaby album dedicated to her son Ever Leo, which will be released on this fall. The album will feature Michele’s covered songs from artists such as Guns N’ Roses, Kacey Musgraves, Christina Perri and more.

Lea told PEOPLE, “As an artist, I’ve always loved the idea of making a lullaby album, but throughout my pregnancy and this year with my baby, that passion has grown, even more, I had a very intense pregnancy as I’ve spoken about publicly and that’s when I started to use music to help calm my baby inside of me, to let him know that even though I might be very scared, and there may be a lot that’s unknown, but no matter what that he was going to be OK and that we were OK.”

The Glee actor adds, “Whether I was singing songs to him or playing music for him in my belly, music was my way of communicating with him to let him know that everything was going to be fine, And then when we were so blessed with the gift of him being born I started using my voice in a way that I never had before: to sing to my son.”

She also shared that she has never enjoyed music more than she does now and making this album, Forever, is “such a dream come true for me in so many ways.”

The album’s title is also a skillful play on words as her son’s name is Ever and the album is titled: “Forever”.

The 34-year-old also shared a short trailer for the album, in the clip she sings “Sweet Child O’ Mine” as she spends time with her adorable son near a beach.

she wrote on Instagram, “I’m so excited to share with you all this special album, FOREVER, that means so much to me,❤️”

The singer further tells PEOPLE, “I hope that when he listens to it when he’s older that he will love it. I’ve recorded all the songs I sing to him and ones we love to listen to, I’ve taken pop songs I love by artists like Kacey Musgraves and Christina Perri and reimagined them to become soothing lullabies. But it’s not just for parents — it’s also for anyone who needs a moment in their day just to breathe.”

Lea Michele and her husband Zandy Reich welcomed their song Ever in August 2020.

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