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Disney+ Launchpad Season 2 Set for Spring 2023 – Know Release Date, Cast, Plot & More


Launchpad is a collection of short films made by Walt Disney Pictures that are made by American independent filmmakers. The films are made by different people from different races, social groups, and cultures. There were more than 1,000 people who applied for Launchpad in June 2019. In December 2019, Disney chose the best of them.

Disney paid for the movies and let the filmmakers work with creative executives from different Walt Disney Studios film divisions, as well as take classes from the American Film Institute. There was a “discover” theme for the first season, which the participants were told to write stories about.

In February 2020, the development process began. The first season of films was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. First season of Launchpad had six movies: American Eid, Dinner is Served, Growing Fangs, The Last of the Chupacabras, Let’s Be Tigers, and The Little Prince(ss). They were all released on Disney+ on May 28, 2021.
The show has been praised for highlighting diversity and themes of inclusion that aren’t usually seen in mainstream Hollywood movies.
A second season, which will focus on the theme of “connection,” is in the works.

Phillip Domfeh, Senior Manager, who runs Launchpad’s Season 2, said of the newest season:

“We couldn’t be more excited for our budding talent in our new Launchpad Cohort, now featuring writers in our program for the first time. We are confident that they all will deliver thought-provoking, adventurous, moving and hilarious short films to eager audiences on Disney+.”

Disney’s LAUNCHPAD Season 2 short films 

The “Launchpad” Season 2 lineup of short films (with working titles) and filmmakers are:

“Beautiful, FL” — Director: Gabriela Ortega; Writers: Joel Perez and Adrian Ferbeyre

This is how it goes: A teen girl has to get parts from her eccentric trailer park neighbours and fix the family RV in time for the annual Beautiful, FL Ice Cream Competition. She wants to share her tia abuela’s special recipe.

“Black Belts” — Director: Spencer Glover; Writer: Xavier Stiles

As a middle schooler and martial arts movie fanatic from Compton, KJ takes on some of South LA’s best dojos in a black belt that his uncle used to wear when he was younger. Then, when his father, who used to fight, gets too close, both of them learn that there’s more to life than keeping your guard up.

“The Ghost” — Director: Erica Eng; Writer: Kevin Park

When Clarice Cheung is 12, she sometimes feels like she doesn’t belong in her family, especially when she’s next to her older sister Naomi. Before their family is broken apart for good, the sisters must work together to stop a powerful ghost from getting inside.

“Maxine” — Director/Writer: Niki Ang

The spirit of a long-lost cousin comes to the aid of a gay college student who is nervous about revealing her first lover to her family during the Hungry Ghost Festival in New York City.

“Project CC” — Director: Cashmere Jasmine; Writer: Jasmine Johnson

When a cloning experiment goes wrong, a smart kid scientist must reconcile with her beauty influencer sister.

“The Roof” — Director: Alexander Bocchieri; Writer: W.A.W. Parker

Cheyenne teenager: After being sent to stay with his grandfather, the teen learns about an important fact about his family and community that he didn’t know.

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Is “Launchpad” coming back for Season 2?

Disney+ has not yet decided the release date Launchpad Season 2. We are still waiting for an official announcement on the show’s current condition. Their shooting starts in upcoming 2023 year .

Launchpad Season 2 Trailer

As of right now, there is no official season 2 trailer available. We are currently waiting for an announcement from Disney+ to be made public. Here is the most recent promo/trailer that has been released on press releases and social media accounts:

What is Disney’s Launchpad Program?

The Launchpad is a project led by Mahin Ibrahim, Director of Disney’s Diversity & Inclusion Market, and Phillip Yaw Domfeh, Senior Manager of the Launchpad. The goal of the Launchpad is to tell diverse stories and give voices to underrepresented individuals who may not have previously had such an opportunity. During the first round of applications, more than 1,000 people applied. Following a series of interviews, six filmmakers were finally selected for the competition.

Each narrative given is inspired by the season’s subject of ‘Discovery,’ which runs throughout the season. For example, self, cultural, and mythical discovery are only a few of the various ways in which this is communicated. Throughout the course of this experience, the filmmakers were assigned mentors from various departments (including Marvel and Pixar) in order to nurture and support their developing abilities. A production period that spanned the duration of the continuing pandemic has culminated in the completion of the films, which will be made available to people around the world through Disney+.

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The Future of Disney Launchpad

Now that the first season has produced an incredible collection of short films for fans to enjoy, the search for the next generation of filmmakers with unique stories to share has begun. Short film submissions will be accepted starting on June 11, 2021, with the next collection of short films focusing on the theme of ‘Connection.’

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