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Jayda Cheaves Net Worth 2022: Income, Salary, Age, Boyfriend, Breakup and More


Jayda Cheaves is a 24-year-old entrepreneur and social media influencer who lives in the United Kingdom. She was born in Georgia, USA, to a family of African Americans from an upper-middle-class background.

She began by selling clothes on the internet, and she now has a large following on social media platforms. In collaboration with her partner Lil Baby, she has appeared in a number of music videos, including ‘Catch the Sun and ‘Close Friends.’ She is currently a homeowner in Atlanta, where she resides in her own home.

As Jayda reveals in this video, she began earning millions of dollars before the age of 21 as a result of her various business ventures, which she describes in detail. Her interest in entrepreneurship is a lifelong passion, and she enjoys inspiring other women to start their own businesses. On her Instagram, she can be seen wearing a variety of different outfits from various designer brands on a regular basis.

Jayda Cheaves Net Worth 2022

Jayda Cheaves has always had a strong desire to be a successful businesswoman. She started selling her clothes on Poshmark when she was a teenager. Poshmark is an online fashion marketplace where anyone can buy and sell their own clothes. It is free to join and use.

She went on to start her own hair company, Shop Amour Jayda LLC, which sells weaves, hair extensions (including bundles), accessories (including hair clips), and other hair-related products. D&B estimates that Shop Amour Jayda, LLC will generate $2,000,000 in revenue in 2020, according to the company’s public filings.

Jayda has 6.6 million followers on Instagram, according to the platform. She participates in a large number of brand partnerships and sponsorships, which result in her earning a substantial sum of money. For each sponsored post, she receives anywhere from $1k to $20k in compensation from the brand.

Jayda is a brand ambassador for a variety of companies, including Savage x Fenty, Moon Cosmetics, and Fashion Nova.

Aside from that, she has over 340K subscribers on her YouTube channel, which allows her to gain more exposure and partner with other companies. Every month, her YouTube channel generates thousands of dollars in revenue for her.

Jayda Cheaves’ net worth can’t be determined with precision because she isn’t publicly available. Taking into consideration her business and other social media platforms, her net worth is estimated to be between $2 million and $5 million as of 2022, depending on the source.

Jayda Cheaves Early Life

Jayda was born on September 25, 1997, in the state of Georgia, in the United States. She will be 24 years old in September 2021, which is the beginning of the twenty-first century.

She is of American nationality and is a member of the All-American ethnicity, according to her. Her zodiac sign is Libra, and she is a woman of many talents.

Jayda Cheaves Early Life
Jayda Cheaves Early Life

Her parents, including her father and mother, are not identified because of confidentiality agreements. She does, however, have two siblings, a brother named Len and a sister named Ameerah, who she lives with.

To give you an idea of her educational background, she graduated from Windsor Forest High School in May of 2015. After that, she went on to study at the University of Georgia.

Jayda Cheaves Rumors, Controversy

After claiming on social media on April 7, 2020, that having children is bad for relationships, Jayda sparked a firestorm of controversy. Aside from that, she is the mother of a child.

Jayda Cheaves Relationship

Jayda Chaves is currently available for marriage.

Jayda was in an open relationship with Lil Baby, a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, at the time of her death. Dominique Armani Jones is his full legal name in the United States. Jayda first met Lily through her sister, and the two began dating the following year. He cheated on her, and the couple ended up breaking up. In addition, she accused him of being unfaithful.

Jayda announced publicly that she was expecting a child in September of last year. The couple welcomed their first child, a son named Jayda, into the world on February 18th of this year. However, the couple has not yet tied the knot.

Jayda Cheaves Book

‘The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Being a Young Boss’, written by Jayda Cheaves, was published on February 2nd, 2018 by HarperCollins. Jayda expressed her frustration with receiving the same Instagram messages asking her about starting a business over and over again, which she described as “boring.” As a result, she decided to write and publish her own book. Her book has received an above-average rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads and 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, respectively.

Everything you need to know about being your own boss or an entrepreneur is covered in this book, which is a quick read. She has outlined the 15 boss challenges, steps, and tips that will assist people in starting their own business and serving as an inspiration to others in her article.

It has received a mixed response from Amazon. Others stated that this book inspired them to start hustling and launching their own businesses as a result of its content. They claimed it was a very useful tool that was jam-packed with a plethora of relevant information.
Some people believe that the book was well-written, especially considering her young age. Some people claimed that the book was nothing more than common sense that everyone should already be aware of.

Specifically, they were expecting her to speak about the critical aspects of starting a business, such as the legal documents, sole proprietorships, credit cards, website hosts, and other methods of obtaining funding.

Jayda Cheaves Body Measurement: Height, Weight

In terms of height and weight, Jayda is approximately 5 feet 1 inch tall and weighs approximately 58 kg. She has long black hair and a beautiful pair of black eyes that are a beautiful contrast to her skin tone.

Furthermore, there is no information available about her other body measurements at this time.

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Jayda Cheaves Social Media

The Instagram account @lifeofjaydacheaves, which Jayda uses, has over 10.7k followers, and she is active on the platform. Similarly, she maintains a social media presence on Facebook, where she has 71k followers.

Aside from that, she has a YouTube channel with more than 291k subscribers.. She has over 191.5k followers on Twitter, which is a big deal for her. She also has a Tiktok account, where she has amassed a following of over 1000 people.

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