J Balvin reflects on his post pandemic life while announcing new collab on ‘Es Jose Time’ with Miller Lite

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It is no surprise that almost everyone, be it us ordinary humans or celebrity folks, have all been deeply impacted and affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and not most of us remain untouched.

Well, taking things on a positive note, this pandemic has also left us with deep reflections on ourselves as well as our lives lived, some memorable life lessons that will forever be hard to let go off.

The 36 year old reggaetón singer is one such artist who feels heavily impacted by the pandemic and has opened up on how did these days serve as an eye opener to him.

In conversation with ‘PEOPLE’, the singer revealed about his upcoming collaboration with the world famous beer brand Miller Lite, along with shedding light on the ways this pandemic changed his outlook towards life.

J Balvin shared, “We’re all the same, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. I had COVID and it almost killed me. I don’t want to go through that ever again. I learned how to value that being rich is truly just being healthy, happy and at peace.”

The ‘Un Dia’ singer further adds, “When you have those things, you’re the richest man in the world because you’re good with yourself. Once you’re good with yourself, you’re good with everything that surrounds you. I think that’s what I learned. I never felt so fragile and vulnerable and close to death than when I had COVID.”


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