Islamic State Canadian Blamed For Voice Behind The Violence

Islamic State: Canadian Blamed For ‘Voice Behind The Violence’


A Canadian public who described promulgation recordings for the Islamic State bunch has been charged in the US.

Saudi-conceived Mohammed Khalifa was seized by a Kurdish-drove volunteer army in Syria in 2019 and later gave over to the FBI.

Examiners say the 38-year-old was the”voice behind the violence“. They say he filled in as an IS warrior prior to interpreting and describing recordings.

He is to show up under the watchful eye of a US court one week from now on charges of giving “material support to a terrorist organisation“.

In a paper meet after his catch, Mr. Khalifa said he had been a low-level warrior and “just the voice” of IS. He demanded that he had assumed no part in shooting or doing the grisly scenes he described.

Mr. Khalifa left Canada in 2013 to join IS in Syria, where he turned into a vital individual from the gathering’s publicity group, concurring to a US equity division explanation.

He faces up to life in jail whenever sentenced.

Online recordings showing executions and different barbarities were a key element of IS’s overall enrollment drive as the gathering broadened its span in Syria and Iraq.

Yet, the publicity exertion dwindled as the aggressors lost the region in 2017.

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