Halo Episode 10 Release Date

Halo Episode 10 Release Date: What is Article 72 in Halo?


The first season of the Halo TV show from Paramount+ has finally come to an end after years of being stopped in “development hell.”

The road to this point hasn’t been easy. The war between humanity and the Covenant keeps getting worse, and fans who watch the show at home haven’t been impressed by some of the story choices made in recent episodes.

After the twists and turns of episode 9, Halo fans will be sad to hear that there won’t be an episode 10 on May 26.

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Recap Of Halo Episode 9

Thursday, May 19, 2022, Episode 9 of the Halo series blew up on Paramount+.

The episode is called “Transcendence,” and it picks up where “Episode 8’s Cliffhanger” left off. In this episode, Makee escapes from the USNC, and Silver Team and the Chief get into a fight over the origins of the Spartan program, which is only resolved when Captain Keyes admits his part in the plan.

Halsey also tries to get away from the UNSC, but she fails. After that, Miranda Keyes realises that the Halsey they have caught, who dies quickly, is a clone and that the real Halsey has secretly gotten away.

After Makee brought the keystones back to the Covenant, which can tell them where the Halo rings are, Chief and Silver Team attacked. However, it looks like their attack will fail because the Covenant forces are too strong.

During the fight, Kai kills Makee, and the Master Chief realizes that he has no chance of winning and asks Cortana to take over his body.

She says no at first, but when Chief takes a blow from a brute that seems to kill him, Cortana takes over. Through Chief, she is able to save Silver Team and get the artefact back.

Cortana taking over Chief’s body, on the other hand, makes John even less talkative than usual. At the end of the episode, fans are left with a chilling image of Chief’s cracked and lifeless visor.

Halo Season 1 Won’t Feature An Episode 10

Episode 9 was the last chapter in the first season of Halo, so fans were sad that it meant the end of season 1.

This means there won’t be a new episode on May 26, even though the last one was very exciting and made people want more.

In its early stages, the Halo series was supposed to have 10 episodes. However, the number of episodes was cut down to nine.

This happened after a string of setbacks, including the fact that director Rupert Wyatt quit at the end of 2018 because his schedule didn’t work.

Halo Season 1
Halo Season 1

Season 2 Is On The Way

But even though the first season of Halo had fewer episodes than expected, Paramount+ still ordered a second season.

The news came back in February 2022, which was more than a month before the show started.

In a statement that was picked up by Deadline, Paramount+’s chief programming officer Tanya Giles said, “Halo is a big chance for Paramount+ to build a world, and we’re excited to give fans a second season to look forward to before the show starts next month.”

David Nevins, Paramount+’s chief content officer of scripted originals, said, “This second season pickup shows how confident we are in this epic series’ ability to draw and keep viewers’ attention. Halo has been a great way for Amblin and 343 Industries to work together, and we’re all glad we can keep doing it.

What is Halo’s Article 72?

Article 72 is a rule that lets the UNSC kill anyone who poses a threat to the safety of people. However, as shown in Episode 1, these rules are not always black and white.

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