Free Convert MOV to MP4 in seconds with WinX Video Converter

Free Convert MOV to MP4 in seconds with WinX Video Converter


With the growth of smartphones, Drones and digital SLRs, creating 4K HD video are not exclusive to media people anymore. However, playback or uploading 4K videos to social media like Instagram, Whatsapp, YouTube will be a problem for its takes up too much size on storage devices. At now, millions of HD videos are recorded in MOV format, which is the default format of Apple devices. The problem lay with MOV videos is that they are not compatible with many programs on the market. Usually, converting it to other video formats like MP4 is the best solution.

Why Convert MOV videos to MP4 format?

We’ve said MOV files are first used for products in the Apple ecosystem. Although an increasing number of devices and platforms are supported to play MOV videos, but still, many people have complained about they could not MOV files on Windows Media Player and Android phones.

In contrast, you can see MP4 files everywhere and it is more widely applied in almost all types of devices nowadays. If you share videos online, MP4 will be a wise option for it takes relatively take smaller storage compared with MOV video files. Various video players and platforms like YouTube and TikTok support this format, so if you love uploading videos for streaming, MP4 is always the winner.

But what is the easiest way to convert MOV to MP4 in seconds? It is the truth that you can conveniently convert video using an online tool or on your smartphone, but the result maybe is not as satisfactory as the software. The reason is that decoding video from MOV to MP4 required storage of CPU, which is the advantage of using one software for its hardware acceleration function. WinX Video Converter is equipped with this feature, which is what makes it stand out from the rest of converters.

What advantages do you get with WinX Video Converter?

More than a tool for converting videos, WinX Video Converter stands out for it combines functions like compress, edit, merge and download videos, which is why we say it is an all-in-one multimedia tool. To make you learn more about the best converter, we list the main features of WinX Video Converter below:

  • Compress video to 90% smaller without losing quality

WinX Video Converter minimizes 4K/HD video size with intact quality. It reduces file size by up to 90% with quality unaffected visually.

  • Convert video in seconds with GPU acceleration

47X faster processing speed can be achieved. Level 3 hardware acceleration makes it the first choice for decoding, processing, and encoding large amounts of 4K and HD video.

  • Convert any video formats with quality and speed balanced

At now, this software can convert and processes footage in virtually any format. It supports 420+ video/music formats, including popular video outputs like MKV, MP3, MP4, AV1, MOV, WMV, HEVC, H.264, M2TS, etc.

  • Easily edit your videos with a built-in editor

Not only compressing and resizing. By using WinX Video Convert, one can crop, trim and edit, adjust video parameters, add subtitles and much more. It is appropriate for both beginners and experienced users.

If you haven’t installed this software yet, feel free to download it from the link above. It’s free to download for both Windows and Mac OS. With this video converter, you could use it to compress any video files, including DVD, which means you can use this tool to digitalize all your DVD collections on your computer!

Step-by-step tutorials: How to use WinX Video Converter to convert MOV to MP4

Note: If you’re a Mac user, search ”MacX Video Converter Pro” to download the Mac version.

Step1: Open the application, then directly drag your source video into WinX Video Converter.

Step2: Choose “MP4” as the output profile.

After the application load the source video(.MOV file), the output profile interface will pop out. What we need to do is to pick up one preset profile, here you can choose “4K MP4 Video” if you want to keep the original resolution, in this case, the video size will reduce to 30% smaller; While the video will be 90% smaller for “MP4 Video “option, but then the resolution will lower to 720p.

Step 3: Change the video settings to reduce file size.

In the last step, the application optimizes the video size and image by transcoding its codec, but we’d better trim the clips to save more storage. So, here we just need to click on the “Edit” icon and trim the video by changing its start time and end time. After finishing this step, all you need to do is to click at “RUN” button to output the final video.

Final Words

Sometimes, we all believe that our personal computers are powerful enough to handle 4K HD video clips, but actually, the result isn’t always be perfect. When this situation happened, think about solving the problems by converting your source videos. This is what this article talking about, we show you how to convert MOV video to MP4 with WinX Video Converter, and if you’re interested in this tool, just try it in action!

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