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Euphoria Season 3 Renewed at HBO – Cast, Plot & When Will It Release?


Despite the fact that Euphoria is a brilliant but extremely intense series, it was nice of HBO to alleviate at least some of our stress by letting fans know early on that the show would be returning for a third season.

The announcement was made on February 4 via a short video posted to Instagram, just as season two had reached the halfway point.

“Sam, Zendaya, and the entire cast and crew of EUPHORIA have taken season two to extraordinary heights, challenging narrative convention and form while maintaining the show’s heart,” said Francesca Orsi, Vice President of HBO programming, in a formal statement.

“We couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with this gifted and wildly talented group, nor could we be more excited to embark on this journey with them into season three.”

So, what awaits fans who are eager to return to America’s best/worst high school on the other side of the country?

Euphoria season 3 release date

Euphoria season 3 release date
Euphoria season 3 release date

Season 1’s finale aired in August of 2019 after eight episodes, and the cast and crew were preparing to begin filming Season 2 in early 2020 when the season concluded. Nonetheless, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production was forced to halt completely. The production will resume in 2021. According to current indications, Season 3 could begin filming later this year or at the beginning of next year if there are no further delays. Season 3 of The Walking Dead will most likely premiere in 2023, according to most predictions.

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Euphoria season 3 cast

Expect to see Zendaya reprise her role as Rue if she doesn’t die by the end of season two, as some fans are speculating. She will be joined by the following characters: Jamie (Hunter Schafer), Nate (Jacob Elordi), Alexa (Maddy), Barbie (Kat) Ferreira (Angus Cloud), Chris (Algee Smith), Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), Lexi (Maureen Apatow) and Dominic Fike (newcomer) are among the cast members who make up the ensemble (Elliot).

There has also been speculation about Zendaya’s boyfriend Tom Holland making an appearance at some point in the film. According to Buzzfeed News, the Man Known As Spidey even visited the set while season two was being filmed, and Zendaya has since confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that a cameo appearance is being discussed.

Euphoria Season 3 Plot

Between seasons one and two, Euphoria used two special episodes to bridge the gap between the seasons. In spite of the fact that these were born out of COVID-related issues, the reception for these was extremely positive, which means that more episodes focused on different characters could potentially be made in the lead-up to season three.

Euphoria Season 3 Plot
Euphoria Season 3 Plot

Meanwhile, there’s a major mystery that Euphoria hasn’t addressed directly yet, which could become a major plot point in season three (assuming that season two skips over it). Naturally, we’re talking about Nate’s secret third brother, who has appeared not once, but twice, in a family portrait over the course of both seasons.

Since the first episode, fans have speculated about the whereabouts of the youngest Jacobs’ brother, and while some theories are more ridiculous than others — that ain’t Ashtray — the truth behind his disappearance could be exactly the kind of messed-up thing that this show thrives on.

And then there’s Young Cal’s secret love for Derek, another character who, if he decides to return in season three, could cause major repercussions.

Euphoria Season 3 spoilers

Not yet, but rumored Season 2 spoilers were briefly leaked on the internet in the course of a single day. It appears that (potential spoilers ahead!) the Maddy/Cassie/Nate situation is far from over and that Maddy still has the Jules/Cal DVD in her possession, which she intends to use against Nate and Cal. Further spoilers claim that Fez loses a friend and goes off the deep end, that Jules and Nate sleep together again, that a character dies and that a third character dies. Rue is forced to manage her sobriety on her own during the course of the story.

And, despite the fact that Cal appears to have abandoned his family, Dane is confident that he will return. I happen to know that’s not the end of the story,” he has stated. According to Elordi, “the boys are only getting started.” Is it possible that he’s making a reference to Nate’s second brother, who has never appeared on the show?

Euphoria Season 3 spoilers
Euphoria Season 3 spoilers

Things are still up in the air when it comes to Euphoria Season 3, so stay tuned. Will Laurie go after Rue to recover the unaccounted-for drug money? Attempting to force Rue into prostitution or sexual slavery is what Laurie appears to be doing. Is Nate ever going to be punished? Will Rue ever be able to maintain her sobriety? What effect will Rue’s actions have on her younger sister and mother is yet to be seen? Rue’s ability to descend is severely limited.

When it comes to her character, Zendaya has stated that “it’s really important that there’s light at the end of the tunnel for her.” “Because I believe she possesses a great deal of beauty within her.” “Whether or not she fully comprehends this at this point is up to her.”

Euphoria Season 3 Trailer

No, not yet; a teaser trailer should be released a few weeks before the season is scheduled to begin. there will be a second season you can watch on HBO.


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