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Death Parade is coming back for a second season! The first season of the show was an absolute hit and it’s been long-awaited by fans. It will be returning to Netflix on December 30th, 2016 with 12 new episodes.

This time around, there are going to be more characters introduced and we get to see what happens when they go through the judgement system. There will also be some twists in store that you won’t want to miss out on! Check out the trailer below and sign up for updates from Netflix so you don’t miss anything about this exciting series!

The horror film Death Parade was inspired by Yuzuru Tachikawa’s short film Death Billiards. The anime series aired for 12 episodes from January to March 2015, and the second season was announced in December 2016.

With each character revealing humanity’s most trying difficulties and lessons, it is really engaging. Even though they only appear in a few episodes, they manage to keep our attention. You form a connection with them in just one episode.

The emotional roller coaster that is man’s life is the vehicle for every human feeling, ranging from love to wrath to loneliness. It’s a truly powerful emotional journey. After someone s death, it was notably presented in this breathtaking ride

It’s a show with a lot of planning. This is a mystery thriller, but the main character isn’t a murderer or a psychologically strong individual. Decim is an arbitrator who rules on the fate of the dead’s souls.

The child’s monotone behavior and words adhere closely to the older adult’s prior perceptions. The anime teaches you to value life and encourages you to live a full one. It has a good emotional balance that doesn’t make you feel blue at the end.

It’s been over six years since Death Parade first introduced us to the afterlife’s games. The anime series was originally released in 2015 by the mental institution, and it was a major success with anime fans.

The second season of Death Parade was announced as a response to the show’s success, as Madhouse had to deal with an overwhelming number of fan demands for a sequel. Despite its reputation for producing one-season anime series, the studio acknowledged the market and renewed for a second season.

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The Second Season Of The Final Destination Will Be Available Soon.

There have been no news on when the second season of Death Parade will be released, but fans have expressed their desire to see it. After airing one season, Madhouse stated that Season 2 of Death Parade will premiere.

Season 1’s ending, on the other hand, was notable for a lack of resolution. The creators would have had to scratch their heads to devise a new narrative that would connect in with the series’ final episode.


If the producers decide to bring back the franchise, most of the cast would return. [[As a result, we ve heard that the following artists will perform at Death Parade Season 2-]]

  • Decim
  • Chiyuki
  • Nona
  • Ginti
  • Clavis
  • Quin
  • Castra
  • Oculus

Season 2 of the The Haunted World of Arcelio C. Mendoza is a continuation of the previous season’s story

The storyline follows Quindesim, a strange bar, and his bartender, who simultaneously serves as a soul mediator. Decim was responsible for evaluating the energies bestowed upon him at different times in the past.

Although the basis for Death Parade is distinct from other anime, when someone dies in this series, he or she is sent. We may have the most brilliant ideas imaginable when it comes to creativity.

A bartender operating the odd pub serves as a single mediator while also working as a bartender. The last one to enter the cycle of rebirth is declared the winner, and after that, they go off to live out their eternity in heaven or hell. The losers become demons or ghosts.

Decim’s tavern is visited by souls who have been condemned to the Death Games. On the other hand, Decim is a seasoned professional who embraces all of Quindesim’s souls.

Chiyuki’s rebirth and Decim’s work as an arbitrator were the final events in the previous season, which suggested a future story.

Is this production progressing? Has an update been issued since the previous release, or has it been cancelled? the heel, midline and nose. What do all these letters imply in terms of a production status? Is it still going forward or have you decided to shut down operations for good (Latest Update)

A new season may focus on Decim’s past, the changes in his job as an arbiter owing to his developed human emotions, or Chiyuki’s return to the afterlife following her death in her new existence, according to theories. It’ll be fascinating to see where the series goes if it gets a second season.

As a result, it appears that Season 2 has been delayed indefinitely and may never be aired. The creators have confirmed that a new season is currently in the works, so don’t be too shocked if you see the show air on your local television station or streaming service any time very soon.

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