All Of Us Are Dead Season 2

All Of Us Are Dead Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far


In 2021, Netflix released the enormously popular “Squid Game,” and since then, the streaming service has worked feverishly to produce its next Korean blockbuster. “All of Us Are Dead,” a part of Netflix’s vow to broadcast 25 Korean films and series by 2022, delivered on that promise. When it aired on January 28th to considerable enthusiasm, the adolescent zombie horror series swiftly rose to Netflix’s top 10 list.

In “All of Us Are Dead,” South Korea’s Hyosan High School pupils are shown. A fatal illness is turning their classmates into zombies, so the youngsters have to deal with bullying and unrequited loves on top of that. “All of Us Are Dead” depicts a gloomy depiction of youth, politics, and the cynicism of people in the face of societal calamity.

Still, the 12 episodes of the series have been filled with heartbreaking moments of sacrifice, courage, and ephemeral romance. A second season has already been requested due to the show’s cliffhanger finish and unaddressed mysteries.

What do we know thus far about the second season of All of Us Are Dead?

All of Us Are Dead season 2 potential release date: When will it air?

We still don’t know if All Of Us Are Dead will be making a return.

But we’re confident that this programme, like the zombies it depicts, will not succumb to the inevitable. In the past, K-drama seasons tended to be one-and-done, but Squid Game became an international sensation, and suddenly all bets were off.

Netflix often makes a choice within the first 28 days, and if All Of Us Are Dead’s metrics are anything to go by, it appears to be a good bet for the show. When it debuted at No. 10, it remained there for at least three weeks before falling out of favour in more than two dozen nations. FlixPatrol reports that the show’s viewership in Japan was the most enthusiastic, with a 33-day run.

Season two will most likely be renewed in the next weeks due to the high demand from fans, in which case new episodes will be released in 2023. (hopefully sooner rather than later).

Even so, a notice about a renewal may take longer than normal to arrive. That’s not to mention the fact that the second season of Squid Game wasn’t officially revealed until late January 2022, four months after the show’s release.

All of Us Are Dead season 2 plot: What will happen?

Nearly every character was killed off at the end of All of Us Are Dead. After the first breakout, the zombie threat soon engulfed Hyosan, which was eventually mostly decimated by bombings by the Korean military.

Even if most of the survivors have finished their tales, the pandemic may reemerge at any time. A single zombie could undo all of our hard work.

Nam-Ra, on the other hand, is a survivor of the illness who has somehow managed to keep her humanity. Hybrids are able to harness the virus to their advantage, growing more powerful and immune to pain. She is one of many. The problem is that the appetite for human flesh is still there, so fresh episodes may really get their teeth into that.

While Nam-Ra is with her pals in Joo Dong-original geun’s webtoon, she does not end up with the hybrids, as the programme now depicts her.

However, a teaser implies that the infection has now travelled to Japan, and it’s absolutely something that season two might investigate, whether the programme only alludes at it or whether the entire tale is transferred overseas. However, given that All of Us Are Dead is a South Korean production, the latter alternative seems doubtful.

Survivors and halfbies are sure to return for Season 2

When it comes to the cast of “All of Us Are Dead” Season 2, it’s a safe bet that the zombies will not return. Hyosan High School and the surrounding area are decimated by the Jonas Virus, but as horror fans will tell you, no death is definite until the body is found. Especially those caused by the military bombing, many of the deaths in “All of Us Are Dead” are left to the imagination. Lee Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) is never shown in a fully zombified form after being bitten, making his survival possible. There’s always the chance that a former cast member will make an appearance in a flashback. We may expect Kim Byung-chul, who plays the virus’ developer Lee Byeong-chan, to make another appearance in the form of a helpful video diary in the future.

Then there are the people who have survived, and they will come back. Jang Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), Lee Suhyeok (Park Solomon), Nam On-jo (Park Jihoo), Park Mijin (Lee Eunsaem), Seo Hyo Ryung (Kim Bo-yun), and fan favourite Yang Daesu (Yang Dae-su) all manage to avoid being bitten by the zombies (Lim Jae-hyuk). Fortunately, Choi Nam-ra (Cho Yi-hyun) escapes the attack and transforms into a formidable halfbie.

She may be seen hanging out with other zombie hybrid characters in the show’s finale, “All of Us Are Dead.”

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