Air Gear Season 2 Trailer, Cast, Filming, Release Date


Air Gear is back with Season 2! The first season of Air Gear was a huge success, and now it’s coming back for more. With the same cast and crew as before, you know this anime will be just as good if not better than the first one. If you’re looking for an action-packed anime that has some comedy mixed in, then look no further.

This show is perfect for anyone who enjoys watching people fly around on rollerblades while fighting each other. It’s full of twists and turns that’ll keep you hooked until the very end! Watch Air Gear Season 2 when it comes out on Netflix starting October 14th!

Oh! created the manga series Air Gear, which is set in the year 2060. Great. There has never been a greater time to write about the field of sports. Anime shows that rotate throughout various games, such as basketball, baseball, and automobile racing, have been influenced by and developed by anime producers and manga authors.

But who would have guessed that a collection could also be about wave blading? Someone did, because ‘Air Gear’ is all about it.

On days when you’re not feeling too great about life, I recommend The Young Entrepreneur’s Journey for Humans because it will recharge your batteries while teaching you the fundamentals of business. However, ‘Air Gear’ rarely achieves what it sets out to do; it muddles its style.

The relationship between the two begin as friendly rivals, but it soon transforms to a regular shounen with an additional color, full of performance. This is all we know about Air Gear Season 2 so far!

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Resonance Debut?

On April 5, 2006, the first season of ‘Air Gear’ aired. It concluded on September 27, 2006. Season 2 has been on tour internationally after the conclusion of the first season. Some people believe that the two post-season 1 OVAs are continuous, but they are incorrect.

Many fans, however, are hoping for a continuation of the story. In response to their pleas, Netflix has stated that there is currently no plan for a fifth season. It appears that the Air Gear Season 2 release date in 2021 or 2022 is a long shot.

Skyscraper Cast-

Ringo Nayomano

Ringo is the female protagonist of the series, who has known Ikki since he was a kid. She is a 20-year-old woman with reddish-purple hair that hangs to her waist. She usually has long, double tails with a little border on her forehead.

Itsuki Minami

Ikki, also known as Itsuki, is the series’ main idol. Itsuki also has experience working with other schools, which is shown in the anime. Before it starts, Itsuki works with several educational groups; this is reflected in his Air Trek Team.

Kazuma Mikura

Itsuki’s closest friend is Kazuma Mikura, or Kazu for short. He is next in command of the Air Trek team Kogarasumaru, and he remains with his adult sister since his parents are abroad. He has light brown, cropped hair and sky-blue eyes. He is a short young man with bleached hair and sky-blue eyes.

 Air Gear Season 2 Trailer-

There is no trailer for Air Gear Season 2 available. We’ll let you know as soon as the next season’s official news is made public. You may now view season 1 episodes and trailers to speculate on the narrative.

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Air Gear Season 2 Storyline-

The newest technology in terms of progressive skating, known as Air Treks or AT, has arrived. This technology has caused a sensation throughout the world, but because of specific security measures that don’t go above a certain speed, the authorities have imposed restrictions.

But there is a group of adrenaline junkies known as the “Storm Riders” who have figured out how to modify the technology and bring it to its full potential.

ATVs are now being used for exploring and for secret fights, and they are also the sign of joy to many who want to rule the streets. Itsuki Minami, an average school student in this hectic era, is well known for getting involved in street brawls.

His one and only objective in life is to clear his path to fame. He is a single-minded, determined young man who isn’t afraid to get through any barrier that gets in his way. He’s accompanied by Kazuma Mikura and Onigiri.

On one lovely day, he discovers a pair of Air Treks in his home, and from that moment on, his luck begins to sync up with his desire to reach great heights.

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In addition, after the terrible reviews, we still think Air Gear has potential. It’s possible that if given another opportunity, it will truly prove the hit anime from season 1. It also appears like there’s a chance of getting a new season at the moment. Keep up with us for any further news on Air Gear season 2!

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