The King’s Avatar Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Updates!


Season 2 of The King’s Avatar is a Chinese E-Sports Drama based on Hu Dielan’s online book of the same name. Shi Yiyue directed the show, which was also co-produced by Fang Fang and Yang Xiaopei. The programme includes 40 episodes and debuted on Tencent Video on July 24, 2019. We’re going to hypothesise about Season 2 today.

The King’s Avatar Season 2 Storyline

The second season of The King’s Avatar is set in a fictitious Chinese e-sports scene and involves a game called the Glory. Ye Xiu is the central character, and the film depicts his rise and collapse in the e-sports scene. A duel between Team Xing Xin and Team Jia Shi is featured in the finale. Our protagonist, Ye Xiu, is a member of Team Xing Xiu. They overcome Team Jia Shi, win the trophy, and advance to the pro league. The pro-league would most likely be at the centre of the Second Season’s plot.

The Official Announcement

Season 2 of The King’s Avatar has been confirmed. Donghua reviews broke the news, confirming that the second season was revealed during the Tencent Conference, with Yang Yang repeating his role as Ye Xiu, and that it would be published in 2020.

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The Cast

So far, Yang Yang as Ye Xiu and his twin, Ye Qiu, has been revealed as the only cast member. It’s also realistic to anticipate that the majority of the team will return. Given that the first show’s finale depicted them qualifying for the pro-league. So Chen Guo is played by Jiang Shuying, Li Yujie is Tang Rou, Lai Yi is Bao Rongxing, Fan Jinwei is Qiao Yifan, Sun Ning is Luo Ji, Yang Tingdong is Mo Fan, Bai Xiang is Wei Chen, Song Hanyu is Wu Chen, and Li Junchen is An Wenyi.

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The King’s Avatar Season 2 Release Date

The release date was mentioned at the conference as being sometime around 2020, but no specific date was given. It’s important to remember that the meeting took place in January, when the virus’s threat was at its lowest. However, as the infection spread, they were likely forced to alter their preparations. As a result, we may conclude that the release date has been pushed back. For the time being, we can estimate that The King’s Avatar Season 2 will be released in 2021.

The Trailer


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