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Ending Explanation of The Departed Movie in Details

_The Departed Ending Explained

_The Departed Ending Explained

“The Departed” is a thrilling thriller with a great plot. In 2016, Best Picture and Best Director Oscars went to the movie directed by Martin Scorcese. The movie is almost perfect in every way, which makes it hard to call it a remake. The story has many different parts, but the main character is a notorious gangster named Frank Costello who is interested in everything from computer microchips to automatic rifles. The FBI is able to put a spy on his team, but he is able to put one on theirs, making for a story with a lot of twists and turns.

Scorsese is a director who doesn’t need to be introduced. Scorcese is known for making gangster movies like “Casino,” “Goodfellas,” and “Mean Street.” He has been called the most versatile director of his generation. He is the best at capturing the essence of the people in this line of work and the way they do their jobs. Scorcese goes a step further, though, with “The Departed.” In the movie, he makes it hard to tell who is good and who is bad. The movie puts everyone in the same pot and lets you choose which side to be on.

The movie “The Departed” is a remake of the 2002 Chinese movie “Internal Affairs,” which was directed by Andrew Lau. Even though the films have similar styles and dramatic undertones, Scorcese adds style and his usual attention to detail from his cinematic universe to “The Departed.” The film’s themes cover a lot of ground and are very different from each other. Now it’s here! (Note: This is a spoiler. Please be careful.)

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Madolyn Madden’s role at the climax of The Departed

Sullivan and Costigan lie to each other about smaller things all through The Departed. At some point, they both fall for Dr. Madolyn Madden (Vera Farmiga). At first, she and Sullivan get along well, but their relationship gets worse after she starts seeing Costigan. He gives her records of phone calls between Sullivan and Costello, which shows that they worked together in business. What she does with the recordings when the camera isn’t on is essential to understand how the movie ends and why Dignam makes such a risky decision.

Madolyn Madden’s in Departed

This is very strong evidence that should likely be taken to the police. It seems likely that Madden does just that soon after Costigan’s funeral. Bringing them to the station would give Dignam everything he needs to put an end to Sullivan for good. The recordings prove that he was always working for Costello and put him on the spot. By proxy, he is responsible for the deaths of both Costigan and Cpt. Queenan (Martin Sheen) makes Dignam want to get revenge for his friends.

The Story

“The Departed” starts with the stories of two young boys from different backgrounds who have the same goals in life. Collin Sullivan gets the support of local gangster Frank Costello and is accepted into the Special Investigations Unit. On the other hand, Billy Costigan’s family has a history of crime, so police officers don’t like him and won’t give him a normal job in the force. Instead, he is hired as an undercover agent and put in jail on false charges to boost his credibility. He and his partner both work for the same organization, but in different ways. Their lives bring them together in a porn theater, and Costello is the tie that binds them. After a short and tense game of cat and mouse, the two getaway without getting hurt. Neither of them is able to figure out who the other is.

Costigan is now in charge of Costello’s crew. Costello asks his man inside the police force, Sullivan, to check his squad for “rats.” Sullivan’s personal life also gets better, and he starts dating Madolyn Maden, who is the department psychiatrist. Captain Queenan, who gave Billy the undercover job, wants to meet with him to talk about plans. Sullivan uses his power in the department to have Queenan followed so he can find out who in Costello’s gang is telling on them. There, he is followed by both the police and Costello’s men. Queenan tells Billy to leave the building when she and Billy see the groups coming. Billy is about to join his gang when Queenan’s body falls in front of him from the top. This causes Costello’s men and the police to fight. The gang makes it through the crossfire, though a couple of them are hurt. One of them tells Billy that he knows Billy is an undercover agent and that he is the mole. He dies before he can tell the other people.

Only Queenan, who is now dead, and Dignam, an officer with a short temper who quits after Queenan’s death because he doesn’t want to work with Sullivan, know what Billy’s job is. When Sullivan finds out that Costello is working for the FBI, his relationship with him gets worse. At the same time, Billy tells the police where Costello and a Chinese gang of gun runners met to trade guns. When Costello is asked about his ties to the FBI, Sullivan shoots him when they are caught in the crossfire. After his mission is done successfully, Costigan pays Sullivan a visit. But Sullivan figures out that Costigan is Costello’s rat before Costigan figures out his own.

Costigan sends Sullivan’s apartment a CD with sensitive information about his business dealings, and Madolyn gets a hold of it. Madolyn, who lives with Sullivan now, also had a passionate relationship with Costigan. When she finds out the truth about Sullivan, she leaves him. Costigan plans to meet with Sullivan in the same building where he met Queenan. When Officer Brown shows up, Costigan takes Sullivan down the elevator with him while he is in handcuffs. Officer Barrigan arrives and shoots Costigan and Brown in the head. This shows Sullivan that Costello had more than one mole on the police force. After he is let go of his handcuffs, Sullivan shoots Barrigan, finds out that he is the mole, and says that Costigan will get an award for his bravery after he has died.

At Costigan’s funeral, Madolyn tells Sullivan that they are breaking up with tears in her eyes. Sergeant Dignam shoots Sullivan in the head when he goes back to his apartment after being upset.

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The Ending

The ending of “The Departed” is not as exciting as it could have been. The reason for this is the strong and exciting buildup that brought the worlds of the two characters together. Many people thought that either of the two characters would win. But the ending was right since the whole point of the movie was to find the rat. At the end of the movie, both characters figure out what drove them the whole time. In the end, both were able to find the rat in their own spheres. But once they do, they have done what they were meant to do as characters in the story. Dignam, on the other hand, had nothing to gain from winning. He played the perfect outsider, and he could be seen as either good or bad.

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