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Relocating to Canada? These Are 5 Top Provinces You Can Potentially Call Your Home | 2022

Picking up your life and moving to a new place – a new city, town, or even continent – can be a wild and wonderful adventure. For those that are looking for a new place to settle in Canada, it’s a good idea to investigate which province suits your lifestyle and needs.

From waterfront living, to snow-capped mountains, or even that European flavour, Canada has something for everyone.

If moving house is considered a big step, moving to another country should be considered a mammoth one! For all it has to offer in terms of quality of life as well as great overall work-life-balance, Canada certainly has a lot going for it, which is no wonder it’s ranked highly by expats.

In reality, whichever province you choose to settle in, leisurely activities are abundant. If you consider yourself outdoorsy and love a good camping trip, Canada’s surrounded by lush greenery, lakes and rivers – perfect for families and friends alike. But if that’s not your thing, and prefer chilling out in your new home, whilst playing on your mobile device, you might be pleased to discover online gambling has soared in popularity in recent years. Of course, finding the best provider may be tricky, unless you already know where to look. We tested out the waters and discovered In a nutshell, it’s a gem of a site that could be considered a ‘one-stop-shop’ for any casino player – who wants to take advantage of no deposit bonuses and get free spins with codes.

Here are our top five recommendations for people who are looking to take the leap.

Nova Scotia

While it might seem a little biased coming from us, we truly believe that Nova Scotia is the most ideal province to move to – given the right set of circumstances.

Nova Scotia is a beautiful province located on the east coast of Canada. It is known for its stunning scenery, friendly people, and great seafood. Moving to Nova Scotia as a new arrival can be a fantastic experience, with many opportunities to explore the province and meet new people.

While the cost of living in the capital of Halifax can be fairly steep compared to some other places at the moment, there are plenty of other areas to explore.


There are many things to love about Ontario, Canada’s most populous province. Located in Central Canada, Ontario is home to the country’s largest city, Toronto, as well as the nation’s capital, Ottawa. The province is also home to some of the country’s most stunning natural scenery, including Niagara Falls and the Thousand Islands. This makes it a big drawcard for those who are considering the big move.

Ontario is a great place to live, work, and play. The province has a strong economy, and is home to many world-class educational institutions if you’d like to study. It is also a great place to raise a family, with its safe communities and great schools. There is something for everyone in Ontario.


If you can’t quite bring yourself to make the move to Europe, or you simply don’t want to, then Quebec makes for a fantastic alternative – but make sure that you brush up on your French. The French-speaking province is an attractive option for that European feel but in another part of the world. Quebec is actually known as its own nation, thanks to a 2006 motion approved by the government.

While the capital of Quebec City is a riverside delight, and Montreal is bustling with energy and culture, there is more to Quebec than these two cities. The landscape is diverse and there is plenty to explore.

And if you’re still struggling with the French? There is the option to take up French lessons offered by the government.

British Columbia

British Columbia, or as it is affectionately known, B.C., is a magnet for those on the move – Vancouver, its most populous city, has a high percentage of its people composed of immigrants. This makes it a wonderfully diverse place to live if you’re after a melting pot of cultures, plus it’s also home to a bustling video production industry if you’re in the space or looking to be an extra! The snow season is unparalleled and is an attraction for avid skiers and snowboarders during winter, as many people choose to live near the mountains for maximum enjoyment of the slopes with a season pass.

B.C. is full of both gorgeous mountains and beaches to explore, with wildlife a-plenty and an excellent foodie scene, along with a high standard of living.


Alberta is the last stop on our list, and is just one stop east of British Columbia. While it’s not coastal, this doesn’t mean that the lifestyle in this province is any less attractive. The main cities in Alberta are Edmonton and Calgary – both bustling hubs in their own right. If you’re after the sunniest province in Canada, then you’ve found your destination in Alberta, although you can also view the northern lights from here too.

With a current boon in job opportunities in a range of different industries, it’s worth investigating where you might find a home in Alberta.

A note about visas

Of course, immigrating somewhere new depends on your visa status – you can’t just pick up and move to Canada if you are not a Canadian citizen. You may have access to Canadian residency through familial descent or if you have a Canadian partner. Another way to obtain a visa to live in Canada is through skilled immigration. Each province may be different for skilled work visas in terms of available professions, so check properly with the relevant authority first.

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