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The regulation of online casinos in Nova Scotia 2022

The regulation of online casinos in Nova Scotia 2022

Introducing Online Casinos in Nova Scotia

Apart from being extensively known as the land of long winters and thick layers of snow, Canada is also a country that is known for its clearly defined rules and regulations regarding almost every matter. In the matter of gambling and casinos, Canada has been responsible enough to lay out regulating actions and laws regarding the same. It has created a criminal code of Canada as the main regulatory body regarding such matters but it has also allowed each province to have the liberty of deciding whether or not gambling should be taken under the borders of legal issues.

Nova Scotia is the second-smallest province in Canada. Even though it is geographically not very vast, it still is home to many people who enjoy gambling and are daily visitors of the casinos.

The Regulations and Laws

The government is the owner and shareholder of the leading gaming industry in Canada. The major discussions and decisions regarding gambling are made by two major boards. The cabinet is responsible for making decisions regarding the province’s involvement in gaming, the changes in gaming, and how the gaming policies work. The deputy minister’s advisory committee on gambling assists with strategy development and also helps in addressing the issues which are related to social responsibility while the citizens involve themselves in gambling and casino activities.

Nova Scotia has been fairly responsible for issuing laws and regulations against casinos and gambling practices, unlike other mobile or online games. There is also a criminal code of Canada which is the overall authority. Other than the criminal code of Canada, the main authority that is in charge of setting the rules regarding gaming activities in Nova Scotia is the gaming control act.

Of the gambling laws in the provinces that were declared a decade earlier, Nova Scotia formulated the Nova Scotia Alcohol and gambling authority in 1995. The gaming control act is part 2 of this act that is meant to deal with all the questions and laws regarding gambling activities and the working of casinos.

This figure of authority is responsible for overseeing almost all forms of gambling in the province. Other than this, a separate government organization that is the Novel Scott, is the one that runs the two commercial casinos that are in Nova Scotia. These two casinos are called Halifax and Sydney. The official AGFT or alcohol gaming fuel and tobacco division of service website provide almost all sources of information that one needs regarding safe, lawful casino practices.

The alcohol and gaming division of the department of service Nova Scotia and municipal relations also works toward lawful regulatory practices while the citizens are engaged in gambling games at the casinos. It regulates the gaming licenses in the province. It also monitors the conduct of casinos, bingos, lottery, and other games of chance. The model is similar to that of Alberta where online casino providers are regulated by the AGLC.

If you are wondering about the state of offshore casinos or online casinos available in Nova Scotia then it should be mentioned that the gambling laws in Nova Scotia do not define online gambling in offshore casinos as illegal. The following forms of gambling are available in the entire province:


Online gambling in Nova Scotia casinos can be considered perfectly legal only if you comply with the few rules that apply to it. First is that you must be above the age of 19 to practice casino activities in Nova Scotia.

Provided you are 19 and above, there are not many hindrances for you to participate in online gambling activities considered legal and regulated. Government sites are available as well as a huge number of amazing Nova Scotia online gaming sites are also at your disposal.

Nova Scotia has experienced immense popularity in online gambling, which has seen growth every single year with more and more people choosing to make a fortune out of the internet.


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