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Ya Boy Kongming Season 2 Release Date, Plot & Why It Is So Popular!

What day would the upcoming HiDive season 2 premiere of the well-known anime series Ya Boy Kongming (Paripi Koumei) be?

Did Ya Boy Kongming (also known as Paripi Koumei), the first show on the Spring schedule to complete its conclusion, really have to be the beginning of all wonderful things?

Kongming- After today, Thursdays might not happen anymore, but fans are already anticipating what the future might bring for this unexpected hit.

Although Ya Boy Kongming has not yet received a season 2 renewal in Japan, the future is still highly promising given its widespread appeal and the accessibility of its source material. Here is all you need to know.

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Ya Boy Kongming Episode 12: Release Date

Since the last update, neither Kodansha nor Studio P.A. Works, nor any other organization associated with the anime’s development, have formally acknowledged the Ya Boy Kongming! The release date for season 2. manufacturing a Ya Boy Kongming! The announcement of a spin-off. But We can predict that season 2 will be released in 2023 and 2024.

Why is Ya Boy Kongming Popular?

One of the season’s undiscovered beauties is Ya Boy Kongming. The anime was initially unpopular with many people.

Even the anime community had the misconception that Ya Boy Kongming would be a typical idol anime program. The anime world does seem to be aware of P.A. Works’ first musically orientated work when new episodes are published, though.

The spring season was governed by Kongming’s expertly crafted persona. Even devoted viewers made fun of Kongming’s methods for gaining new viewers, which contributed to the popularity of the anime. Although Ya Boy Kongming started off subtly, it made a lasting effect on anime lovers. Numerous elements contribute to Ya Boy Kongming’s success. The anime opens with a banger, first and foremost.

Chiki Ban Ban by JOLLY, the original Hungarian disco tune that was transformed into a Japanese anime opener and sung by QUEENDOM, is fun! As the start of Tokyo Ghoul, Unravel is one you shouldn’t miss.

Not to add the pivotal beginning dance performed by Kongming and the other characters. To the sounds of Chiki Chiki Ban Ban, everyone seems to be Drake dancing.

After being transformed online into a dancing GIF by anime fans, it became instantly recognized. As a result, other anime fans started to wonder where the GIF came from, which lead them to Ya Boy Kongming.

Notably, Ya Boy Kongming’s ridiculous premise—which shouldn’t have succeeded—was carried out. The reverse isekai anime stands out from the others because the Chinese general Kongming is resurrected in contemporary Shibuya to oversee Eiko’s music career.

When the author came up with the idea for Kongming’s narrative, many people made fun of his way of thinking. Considering that it is a very unique notion to combine a historical figure with EDM.

Ya Boy Kongming! S2 anime TV spoilers

The strategy for Summer Sonia doesn’t end after receiving 100k likes. Despite winning a spot to sing at Summer Sonia, Kondo demands that Eiko have five brand-new original songs prepared for the event. They must thus compose numerous new songs following DREAMER as their next duty.

In response to the new challenge, Kongming seeks out the Wakatsuki siblings, young jazz musicians, to collaborate with them on the new music that EIKO will require. The siblings, meanwhile, are dealing with issues of their own! Their connection is rapidly disintegrating, and in order to enlist their assistance, Kongming will have to repair their bond through…DJing?

Repairing the connection with Eiko’s mother, Shoko, is more difficult, though. Mom does not want her daughter to pursue a career in music because she feels that Eiko does not fit in the big metropolis.

ya boy kongming season 2 Plot

By posing a fresh challenge, Shoko just slightly backs down. Shoko will allow her daughter to pursue her ambition of becoming a singer if her new song, Flower Crown, has the power to touch people’s hearts.

Eiko must reflect on her history in order to finish the Flower Crown song, which is about sibling love. During a Kyoto festival, she and Kongming journey back to her hometown in Kyoto! However, because Kyoto is so much influenced by Eiko’s mother’s personal history, Eiko finds it difficult to discover the final “something missing” to finish her song.

To see what happens next, anime fans will regrettably have to wait until the release of Ya Boy Kongming! Season 2. Follow along!

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