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Latisha And Marsau Divorce: Are Melody And Latisha Friends?

latisha and marsau divorce

latisha and marsau divorce

Cheating claims keep coming up on Love & Marriage: Huntsville, and fans are sure that Marsau is guilty.

LaTisha and Marsau have been through a lot during the four seasons of Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

What started as a show about three real-life spouses trying to run a real estate company together turned into a violent fight between different groups.

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Are “Love & Huntsville’s” Latisha And Marsau Going To Split Up?

There are rumors that Latisha and Marceau are going to split up. But they haven’t told their followers anything about it yet.

LaTisha met her husband, Marceau Scott, in college. They got married on September 2, 2006.

The Blaque Cigar Lounge in Huntsville, Alabama, is owned by both of them. The Blaque Cigar Lounge is a great place for both men and women who like cigars.

Latisha and Marsau are both good at what they do. LaTisha Scott is a TV personality and commercial real estate developer from the United States.

Marceau Scott’s first job was as an all-around commercial contractor. He builds new homes, remodels, and fixes up old ones, among other things.

Marsau And Latisha Details About Rumors Of Cheating

Marsau has long thought that his wife, LaTisha, was cheating on him. He was recently accused by Martell Holt of cheating on his wife with another woman, but he later took back the accusation.

Martell said that he had made up the story that Marsau was cheating on his wife. The Urban Belle study shows that both Marsau and Martell have changed since that time.

Because of this, it looks like the charge was false.

Urban Belle says that Arionne has said that both Marsau and his brother cheated on their partners and that she saw it happen. But she doesn’t have any proof to back up her claim.

Both of her brothers denied what she said and said they were committed to their wives.

What’s The Baby’s Name Of Latisha And Marsau?

Wiki says that Marsau and his wife, Latisha, have three kids.

Marsau Jr., Maci, and Mila are the names of these three kids. The whole clan is getting a lot of attention.

There are rumours that he had a child from a relationship outside of his marriage, but these are just rumours. There has never been any proof given to back up these claims.

Because of this, these rumors are probably the only ones that aren’t true about TV stars.

No doubt rumors like this help the show because they get people interested and bring in more viewers.

Are Melodie And LaTisha friends?

When LAMH came out in 2019, Melody and LaTisha were good friends. Melody and LaTisha were sorority sisters in real life, so it was easy for them to connect through their husbands, Martell Holt and Marsau Scott. The men knew each other so well that they started a business together.

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