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Why Did Lori Harvey And Michael Jordan Break Up: Even Though They Were In Love And Talked A Lot About The Future

why did lori harvey and michael jordan break up

why did lori harvey and michael jordan break up

A source told People that Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan, who had been together for a year and a half, broke up even though they were still in love with each other. This news came out over the weekend. Now, people who know Harvey and Jordan have told People and Entertainment Tonight why they decided their relationship couldn’t work.

Part of it is because they are 10 years apart in age. It was said that Jordan, who was 35, was ready to settle down, but Harvey, who was 25, wasn’t quite there yet. “She wasn’t ready to commit,” a person close to Jordan told People. She cares a lot about her job. When they were making plans for the future, she realized that they weren’t on the same page.

The source also said, “She still wants to have fun and be free.” “Michael is a wonderful person. She’s sad that they couldn’t make it work, but she’s moving on.”

Entertainment Tonight heard the same thing from a different source. “Lori and Michael have recently broken up. “They were at different points in their lives,” said that person. “They’re both heartbroken and upset, but they’re trying to move on.”

People heard yesterday from someone who knows both Harvey and Jordan that being with Harvey has changed Jordan. “Michael grew up a lot during their time together, and he was ready to make a long-term commitment,” the source said. “He let down his guard around her, which was the first time he did that in a romantic relationship. They had a lot of fun together and helped each other be their best.”

On social media, neither Jordan nor Harvey has said anything about the breakup.

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