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Who Is Still Together From Netflix Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast & Are The Weddings Legal?

who is still together from love is blind season 2

who is still together from love is blind season 2

Everyone is speculating about the second season of Love is Blind and whether or not couples like Deeps and Shake and Nick and Danielle are still in a committed relationship. We’ve done the legwork and have the inside scoop to share with you.

With tears, sadness, and relationship drama, it’s no surprise that Love is Blind season 2 is proving to be equally as popular as the first season. We’re already invested in all six of the ‘blind’ pairings in the Netflix version of Married at First Sight, which is similar to the popular television show. As a result, people are eager to find out how these happily ever afters turn out in the end.

The legendary wedding episode aired this week, and we got to see the couples go down the aisle. And, unfortunately, one or two of them did not get the chance to say “I Do.” However, this does not imply that the relationship between the two has come to an end — with the impending reunion episode clarifying once and for all how things have turned out between the two. We’ve done some major social media spying, though, to give you a better sense of their current relationship status if you’re impatient like us and can’t wait to find out what happens to them.

As of this writing, it is currently trending in the top 10 bar on Netflix, where it is proving to be just as popular as documentaries on con artist Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler.

Who Is Still Together From Netflix Love Is Blind Season 2 Cast

1. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

Is it true that they said I Do? Yes! | Are they still in a relationship? Potentially…

After successfully exchanging their vows, we adored the scenes in which these two were dancing and celebrating with one another afterward.

“I do, I do, I do,” Jarrette said to his blushing wife, who rolled her eyes and referred to him as a ‘extra’ in front of a laughing audience. She, too, responded with a heartfelt “I do,” before exchanging a passionate kiss with her new husband.

“This is the beginning of our journey together,” says the author. We still have a lot of work to do. “However, oh my gosh, this is a fantastic start,” Iyanna later told the show’s producers.

Fans will no doubt be ecstatic by the outcome of the event, as many were plainly rooting for them to win together. “Thee Best Couple from Season 2,” one admirer said on a joint Instagram post, which was liked by many others.

With the exception of this, the two have been quite low-key on social media. Despite the fact that they both follow each other, this is hopefully an indication that there has been no turmoil in paradise.

2. Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl

Is it true that they said I Do? Yes! | Are they still in a relationship? We believe so…

When Nick accepted Danielle’s ‘I Do’ at their magnificent outdoor wedding ceremony, we all shed a happy tear. “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are the person I’m intended to be with,” he stated emphatically. “I’m pleased I discovered you, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you making the world a better place.”

In our investigation, we discovered that family members of both Nick and Danielle are actively following the couple on Instagram. So, surely, this is an indication that everything in your marriage is going well?

Similarly, Nick just left a very beautiful remark on one of Danielle’s latest postings, in which she defended her mental health and provided more knowledge into a moment that has been taken differently by some viewers. The letter from Nick said, “I’m always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!” Nick and Danielle got into a fight after Nick went to the party in Mexico by himself while Danielle stayed in their hotel because she was too sick to go.

According to her, “the way I was portrayed on television is not an accurate depiction of who I am as a person.” The fact that I was in a good mental position before going on the show helped me realize that I had some things to work on. However, the difficult situation forced me to return to a location that I had never intended to return to. Everyone will eventually come to know the real me—as a human person, rather than as a character on a reality television show—and I hope that will happen in the near future.”

3. Deepti Vempati and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee

Is it true that they said I Do? No | Are they still in a relationship? Most likely not.

When they were about to go down the aisle in the season finale, it appeared that this picture-perfect couple was not meant to be. When Deeps realized Shake would be attempting to overthrow the Indian tradition of caressing the groom’s feet during an Indian wedding, she struck a devastating blow:

I hope you understand how much I value you and the positive impact you’ve had on my life,” she added in her letter. “However, I am unable to marry you. I deserve to speak with someone who is certain. So I’m making a decision for myself, and I’m going to say no.”

Shake’s misgivings regarding his affections for Deepti will be remembered by everyone who watched the show. As well as online criticism for statements he made about his spouse during various episodes of Love is Blind season 2, he has also gotten criticism from fans. Including one that was less than nice, in which he stated that she reminded him of his aunt – oh, boy.

Deeps and Shake are still following each other on Instagram, according to our social media monitoring efforts. Hopefully, this means that there will be no bad blood between them. While Deeps has not revealed whether or not she has found a partner, she has stated that she has made some life-long friends along the way.

“These mems with these pearls,” she wrote in the caption of the Instagram image. Behind-the-scenes photos of her and her fellow female cast members were particularly sweet.

4. Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

Is it true that they said I Do? No | Are they still in a relationship? Most likely not.

With Shayne’s ex-girlfriend Shaina attempting to muddie the waters halfway through the show, it’s safe to say that Shayne and Natalie didn’t exactly have the most pleasant experience on the show. However, many people were cheering for these two to win in the end. Until…

In terms of two people who have fallen in love, I believe we’ve progressed significantly.” “I know I’ve improved a great deal as a result of your guidance,” Natalie stated. “However, I don’t. Please accept my apologies. But, like, we have some pretty significant difficulties to work through.” “I still love you, and you’re still my best friend,” I say.

Those who were hopeful that they would be able to resolve their concerns may be disappointed. “I still adore her,” Shayne said to the cameras as he looked visibly stunned. I still believe she is a decent person. But do you really believe that I’m going to f***ing come back to you after that type of behavior?”

Despite this, some fans have speculated that the two may have reconciled their differences. Some people believe Natalie’s latest Instagram photos may provide a hint as to whether or not they are still in a relationship. “He may have abs, but I have IBS,” she captioned a selfie of herself wearing a sweater that read “irritable bowel syndrome.”

Is she referring to Shayne’s physical appearance here, implying that the two have restarted their relationship? Is she playing a joke on us, or is she being serious? I’m guessing the reunion will reveal everything.

5. Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams

Is it true that they said I Do? No | Are they still in a relationship? No.

Those who have watched the show will be aware that these two decided to call it quits after episode 6 of Love is Blind season 2. And it appears that the two haven’t gotten back together since, with Kyle confirming on Instagram that they are no longer together.

“Regardless of the outcome, this extraordinary link I share with Shaina will be forever remembered, until the end of time,” he said in a lengthy and personal post.

The true stumbling block for these two turned out to be a lack of faith, or more specifically, Shaina’s lack of dedication to God. She couldn’t see a future or fathom raising her children with Kyle, who was an atheist, and the romance gradually deteriorated after that. Despite the fact that many believe Shaina’s persistent longing for her pod friend Shayne is another stumbling block in her attempts to have a relationship with Kyle.

Despite the fact that we didn’t see these two on their wedding day, we believe they’ll make an appearance at the Love is Blind season 2 reunion. They’ve been updating us on their lives and what they’ve been up to since they parted ways.

6. Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

Is it true that they said I Do? No | Are they still in a relationship? Most likely not.

Sal, their dear, charming, Ukulele-playing best man, was the one who brought the proceedings to a close on their picture-perfect wedding day. “I’m afraid I can’t. “I simply feel like I need a little more time,” he confessed to his future wife. Fortunately, Mallory handled the news calmly, responding with, “That’s all right.” His tears were quickly dabbed away before making a hasty exit through the doorway.

Following that, the two reconnected and talked about Cal’s choice to leave. “I had a feeling in my heart that you weren’t 100 percent certain,” Mallory admitted. “Do you want to continue investigating the possibility of a relationship with me?” A hesitant Sal finally responded: “Let’s take some time away from everything and have a conversation.” “I believe that the next thing we should do is go on a date.” Mallory responded by saying she “would absolutely adore that.”

Another Love is Blind season 2 pairing who hasn’t revealed anything about themselves on social media is this one. On Love is Blind season 2, there is no photographic evidence of the two of them together or of their voyage. This strongly shows that the two are not in a relationship. However, there is a minor indication that could indicate that date was indeed set.

The two of them have listed Chicago, Illinois as their hometown on their Instagram pages. So, are they actually spending quality time together as a couple? They’re also both following each other, which indicates that there is no bad blood between them. We’ll just have to wait till the reunion to see if the record has been cleared up completely.

Are the weddings in Love is Blind season 2 filmed?

The weddings for Love is Blind season 2 were recorded at the Ravisloe Country Club and its sister hotel, La Banque, both of which are located in Homewood, Cook County, in the state of Illinois. The gorgeous Spanish mission-style clubhouse and outdoor spaces that feature in the show’s climax are real, and fans will be glad to know that it is a well-established wedding destination in the real world as well.

Using a post on their official Facebook page, Ravisloe Weddings stated that they would be appearing on the Netflix show. “It was a pleasure and an excellent experience to collaborate with the Kinetic Content Team,” said Johanna Morawski, Ravisloe’s director of marketing and events.

The wedding episode was broadcast on Netflix on February 25, 2022, much to the joy of viewers who were eager to find out what happened to the pair.

Are the Love is Blind weddings legally binding?

In the words of the show’s creator, Chris Coelen: “Yes, it is a legally binding union.” As a result, the Love is Blind weddings that we see aren’t only for the sake of the cameras.

While Chris verified this to Bustle, there is already some evidence to suggest that the weddings are taking place as planned. Take, for example, the successful love matches in season 1 – Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett – as an example of what I mean. The four of them are still happily married in the show’s follow-up reunion After the Altar, which was taped two years after the original episode. On their wedding anniversaries, they’ve all uploaded heartfelt photos of themselves with their significant others on social media.

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Who pays for the Love is Blind weddings?

As previously reported, Netflix provides the Love is Blind couples with a set budget for their weddings, which has been confirmed. However, if the couple wishes to spend more money, they will be expected to contribute to the cost.

In addition to providing some of the fundamentals, “production” also allows the couples to decide how they want to spend their money because these are genuine weddings, according to the show’s creator Chris Coelen.

Audience members who have seen series 1 may recall a particularly heated exchange between Amber and Barnett over the cost of Amber’s wedding dress. The two of them appear to have spent more money than necessary to get her the one she wanted in the end, however.

Amber sparkled in an over-budget mermaid gown by Anya Bridal, which included rhinestones, floral lace detailing, and a plunging V neckline, among other features.

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