Spy Family Episode 10 Review ‘The Great Dodgeball Plan’ Explaining In Details

WIT Studio and CloverWorks collaborated on the action/comedy shonen anime Spy x Family. With Yor’s brother out of the picture, for the time being, the story returns to Anya as she prepares for her toughest test yet, a dodgeball competition, in Spy x Family Episode 10.

While the show is mostly about Anya, Spy x Family Episode 10 also delves into Damian’s reasons. While these scenes go a great way toward humanizing the snotty child, he’s still a nasty little brat at the conclusion of the show.

While Anya and her classmates’ pranks are entertaining, they are only able to land as effectively as they do because of an unexpected opponent. The standout pupil in their opponent’s class is undoubtedly a frightening figure.

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