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Vanna White Dating in 2022: Who is Vanna White’s Boyfriend? Get Know More About Her Dating History

Vanna White Dating in 2022

Vanna White Dating in 2022

Vanna White is a TV legend because she hosted “Wheel of Fortune” for so many years. Even though White is a constant and well-liked face on TV, she keeps most of her private life quiet. Pop Culture says that in 1992, the TV star announced her pregnancy on the show as part of a puzzle, but she later lost the baby. White was also engaged to model and dancer John Gibson, but he died in a plane crash, which was a sad end to their relationship.

The “Wheel of Fortune” star later fell in love with and had two children with George Santo Pietro. White became more well-known after she filled in for host Pat Sajak during a medical break on the hit game show, taking a spot that many fans thought she had earned for a long time. More and more people are curious about the star’s home life, and it will make them very happy to hear that White is happy and settled with a long-term partner who loves and cares for her.

Vanna White: Personal Life Details

She was baptised as a Baptist and calls herself a Christian. In the 1980s, White dated John Gibson, a former Chippendales dancer who later became an actor. Eventually, they got engaged. Gibson died in a plane crash in 1986. White got married to George Santo Pietro, who owned a restaurant, in December 1990.

White got pregnant for the first time in September 1992. She told the world on an episode of Wheel of Fortune where the answer to a puzzle was “Vanna’s pregnant.” She lost the baby not long after the episode was filmed.

From her marriage to Santo Pietro, White had a son named Nicholas (Niko) in 1994 and a daughter named Giovanna (Gigi) in 1997 .In November 2002, they got a divorce. She was engaged to a businessman from Southern California named Michael Kaye from 2004 to 2006.

They never got married. She is seeing John Donaldson, a contractor, right now. In 2012, they started going out together after meeting through friends. In a talk with Larry King, she said that her mother had told her that actor Christopher George was her uncle.

White says that even though George wasn’t related to her by blood, her mother grew up with his family, and he and his wife took her in when she moved to Los Angeles years later. During the same conversation, she also said that her kids go to many tapings of Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna White Makes John Donaldson Crazy.

Closer Weekly says that friends who knew both Vanna White and John Donaldson put them in touch in 2012. The game show host gushed, “He is kind, understanding, and lets me be me.” They’ve been together for a long time but aren’t in a hurry to get married.

White says it feels like they’re already married, so “there’s no reason to change anything.” Donaldson isn’t a Hollywood star, but he is a successful contractor who has worked on the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, like Richard Dreyfuss.

Vanna White

Their website says that JDC works mostly in Southern and Northern California and creates “a variety of residential property renovations, from custom single-family homes to apartment communities with 100 to 600 units.” He is said to have been in love with the “Wheel of Fortune” host from the moment they met, and he is an important part of the lives of her children.

The four of them often go on vacations together. White says that an ideal date night for the couple would be “a very simple dinner with a bottle of wine.” In a 2021 interview with ET Canada, she raved about Donaldson, saying, “He feels like a fiancé, he feels like a husband,” adding, “We’ve been together for a long time. I’d call him my husband.”

Does Vanna White Want To Get Married To John Donaldson?

Vanna White has always said that she doesn’t feel pressured to marry long-time love John Donaldson, but a source told OK! magazine in June 2021 that the happy couple was planning to get married soon. At the time, the insider said White wanted to get married before her 65th birthday in February 2022. They said the wedding could even take place in Hawaii that summer, with Pat Sajak as the best man.

They told each other, “Pat thinks John is a great guy, which means a lot to Vanna.” “John goes to the set often, and he gets along with everyone there.” After her first divorce, it’s understandable that White didn’t like the idea of marriage anymore. However, it’s said that being with Donaldson has changed her mind about marriage.

Vanna White marry John Donaldson

During an interview that year on “The Tamron Hall Show,” the host even called the contractor White’s fiancé by mistake.

Even though she later said she was wrong, the legend of “Wheel of Fortune” said it didn’t matter much because they already feel like they’re married—maybe because they are?

Vanna White’s Kids Are Very Close To John Donaldson.

There were also rumours that the couple was going to get married in 2018. Radar Online said that the TV personality wouldn’t sign a prenuptial agreement because she was afraid it would bring bad luck to the couple.

A person in the know also said that when Vanna White met John Donaldson, she knew right away that she had found someone special. They told us, “She just feels so at ease when John is around. He is very sweet to her and doesn’t mind that she is famous. Even her kids like him.”

Vanna White’s Kids Are Very Close To John Donaldson

This fits with what people say about the family on social media. White keeps most of her life private, but she often posts photos of her, Donaldson, and White’s adult children Nikko and Gigi having a good time together. They went on a trip to Hawaii, and she posted a picture of them smiling to celebrate the start of 2018. The year before, White sent out a happy Christmas message with all four of them in it.

In all three situations, the “Wheel of Fortune” star called the group her “family,” which shows how close she is to her children.

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