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Did Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Breakup Again In 2022? Know Every Details Here

did travis kelce and his girlfriend break up

did travis kelce and his girlfriend break up

Travis Kelce is a football star who plays as a Tight End for the Kansas City Chiefs. Travis is a young, talented person who went to college at the University of Cincinnati and played football there. He has been to the Pro Bowl seven times and made the first team of all-pro three times.

Travis was a three-star athlete who was great at football, basketball, and baseball. He also holds the record for the most receiving yards by a tight end in the NFL, which is 1,000.

Travis seems to be pretty good at sports, but he just broke up with his girlfriend, so his personal life doesn’t seem to be very stable.

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Did Travis Kelce Girlfriend Kayla Breakup Again?

Travis Kelce’s relationship with his girlfriend Kayla was on and off for a long time. The couple just got back together after breaking up in 2020, but it looks like they’re done for good now.

Kayla’s close friend said that she is breaking up with him, but not because he cheated on her, which is also a relationship sin.

She did, however, stress that Travis is cheap when it comes to taking care of his partner. Kayla Nicole had paid half for food, trips, and other luxuries, while Travis only gave his girlfriend $100.

In the same way, she paid for those to show that she wasn’t with him for money, but the player doesn’t seem to think of her as his better half, just as a friend with benefits.

So, the football star signed a $60 million contract for 4 years, but in his relationship with Kayla, he had a cheap habit of doing things.

What Happened Between Travis Kelce And Kayla Nicole?

The current Super Bowl winner replied to a rumor that he had cheated on his then-girlfriend in a tweet that has since been deleted, but TMZ took a screenshot of it. The tweet said, “NFL player Travis Kelce’s girlfriend breaks up with him after he was caught with Becky.”

“This is fake news… a lie… ” “That’s not why Kayla and I broke up, though,” said Travis. “Please put your anger somewhere else.” At this point, it looks like Kayla has deleted all of the social media photos she had with her ex-boyfriend.

She hasn’t talked about their breakup directly, but she did post a song on Instagram for the “cyber bullies out there.” In the post, Kayla sings that she is “blocking” everyone who doesn’t like her. Travis posted a picture to Instagram on July 21 of the couple enjoying their summer vacation on a yacht. The next day, the couple broke up.

She Has Also Modelled.

Kayla has worked as a model outside of the media. She has 190,000 Instagram followers and has promoted products to them. She has worked with brands like Tinder, Babe Wine, and Gameday Tailgate Experience.

She has also posted a lot of pictures of herself as a model, but it doesn’t look like anyone has signed her as a model yet. Kayla has also taken part in beauty contests, where she was named “Top 20 Miss CA 2013.”

According to her professional Facebook page, she was “First Runner Up Miss Malibu 2013, Top 10 Miss CA USA 2012, 2nd Runner Up Miss Southern Coast Regional 2012, and Third Runner Up Miss Malibu 2012.”

Travis Kelce Net Worth And Career Earnings

Travis Kelce is worth about $20 million. He was born in Ohio and was taken in the 63rd round of the draught by the Kansas City Chiefs. In 2013, he signed a deal with his team for $3.12 million. Now, in 2016, the player signed a five-year deal worth 46 million dollars.

Also, the football player has made a career out of playing the game. He seems to be careful about his money and wealth, which seems to be the main reason he broke up with Kayla Nicole.

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