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Toy Story 5 Release Date 2022 Rumors, Plot, Cast, Trailer! Spinoff Movie Hint!

Toy Story 5 Release Date Rumors

Toy Story 5 Release Date Rumors

This movie is one that we’ve loved since we were little. We’re finally going to talk about it! The movie series is based on the idea that all toys are anthropomorphic and that they are secretly alive and not known to humans. Sheriff Woody is an iconic cowboy doll and Buzz Lightyear is an advanced spaceman action figure, both of which are voiced by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, respectively. The group is forced into adventures that test and change them.

The Toy Story movie series started in 1999 and has been a hit with many people since then. Not to mention the great endings they put on each movie, which make the audience fall in love with them. People of all ages enjoy this movie. Toy Story 4 came out in 2019 and got a lot of positive reviews.

In the movie, Bonnie moves in with Woody, Buzz, and the other toys. It comes right after Toy Story 3. The fourth movie was a success, and the ending was great. As to whether or not there will be the fifth movie, we don’t know. Let’s talk about it now!

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 Release Date Toy Story 5

At this point, Pixar hasn’t said whether “Toy Story 5” is coming. At this point in time, there isn’t a set release date that we can say for sure. However, we know that Pixar has “Turning Red” and “Lightyear” set to come out in 2022, and an unnamed movie is set to come out in 2023. The fact that Pixar films usually take a long time to make after they’re announced makes it likely that “Toy Story 5”, which hasn’t been confirmed, won’t be out for at least a few years at the very least.

One thing to keep in mind is that if “Toy Story 5” is ever made, we can expect the movie to come out in the summer. “Toy Story” movies have always come out during summer blockbuster season and have done very well at the box office. This is different from the first two movies, which were both released in November of 1995 and 1999, but it’s hard to argue with a trend that works.

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Who is in the cast for Toy Story 5?

With no official announcement for “Toy Story 5” yet, there are no cast details to talk about at this time. A fifth “Toy Story” movie could happen, and it could follow at least some of the main characters from “Toy Story 4.” Tim Allen has been very public about his support for a fifth “Toy Story” movie, so it’s likely that Buzz Lightyear will be back.

toy story 5 characters

It’s important to remember that the “Toy Story” movies have kept adding toys to their cast with each new movie. This is in addition to the toys that we already know and love. If you saw “Toy Story 2,” you saw Joan Cusack join the group as Jessie. Kristen Schaal played Trixie in “Toy Story 3.” “Toy Story 4,” on the other hand, saw the introduction of Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key as Bunny and Ducky, as well as the return of Tony Hale as Forky.

That’s just a small sample of how the “Toy Story” cast has grown since the 1995 original. It also shows that if “Toy Story 5” happens, it’s almost certain that new cast members will be brought in to play with new toys.

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What is the plot of Toy Story 5?

“Toy Story 5” hasn’t been approved yet, and it’s not clear if Pixar is even interested in making a fifth movie. There are no concrete plot details at this time. However, given where “Toy Story 4” left off, a possible sequel could look at many different topics. Buzz and Woody say goodbye to each other for the last time in that movie’s ending. Buzz takes over as leader of the group with help from Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl. At the same time, Woody and Bo Peep ride off into the sunset. With Woody gone, Buzz Lightyear and the other toys will have to work together to help Bonnie grow up.

This gives Buzz a chance to become the leader of the toys. On the other hand, it might be interesting to move away from that group of toys: Woody and Bo are now living child-free lives out in the world, and “Toy Story 5” could go even deeper into that mythology to see how toys live when they don’t have kids.

“Lightyear,” on the other hand, is coming out in 2022, which could open up a whole new world of “Toy Story” spin-offs that we didn’t even know were possible, while not adding more chapters to the main series.

“Toy Story 5” is still unknown, but we’ll keep an eye out for any possible news.

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