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Tom Cruise turns 59! Here’s looking back at the ‘Mission Impossible’ actor’s Top 10 iconic movies

We wish Tom Cruise a very happy 59th birthday!

Born as Thomas Cruise on July 3, 1962, in New York, Tom is an American actor and a producer, world renowned for his exceptional acting and action skills, as well as charming beauty and mesmerizing personality.

Having won several accolades and delivered finest blockbuster movies of all times, Cruise remains one of the highest paid actors of his generation.

Let’s have a look at some of his most iconic movies of all times-


#1 Jerry Maguire

A 1996 romcom sports drama based on the life of sports agent Leigh Steinberg, this one stars Tom Cruise along with a bunch of other popular celebs like Cuba Gooding Jr., Renée Zellweger, and Regina King.

A critically acclaimed movie, it grossed over $273 million and bagged Cruise his Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy.

It revolves around the life of Jerry Maguire played by Tom Cruise, a sports agent who works for SMI, and goes ahead to start off a new life in his own sports agency.


#2 Edge of Tomorrow

This 2014 sci-fi action movie starring Cruise and Emily Blunt in lead roles, is a wonderful adaptation of a Japanese novel ‘All You Need Is Kill’ authored by Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Set in a futuristic world of Europe manifested by a troop of aliens, the story revolves around Major William Cage played by Cruise, who is an inexperienced PRO forced to battle it out with the aliens, trying to save Sergeant Rita Vrataski, played by Emily.


#3 Mission Impossible

The very first movie of the action spy franchise released in 1996, these films are based on Bruce Geller’s television series.

The plot features Tom Cruise in the character of Ethan Hunt, who fights for revealing the face behind him being framed and accused for murders within his IMF team.


#4 The Firm

This 1993 thriller legal drama is an epic adaptation of the 1991 novel of the same name, penned by John Grisham.

Cruise plays Mitch McDeere, a Harvard Law graduate who is lured into a promising job in ‘Lambert And Locke’ law firm, that is actually works for dubious tax-relief schemes.


#5 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Fourth installment in the action spy franchise, this 2011 superhit features Cruise as our Ethan Hunt, who along with his entire IMF team fight against time to get their hands on a nuclear extremist when one of their mission being an epic failure leads to bombing of Kremlin.


#6 Mission Impossible: Fallout

Sixth successful installment in the very popular action spy franchise, it released in 2018 and presents Cruise in the reprised role of Ethan Hunt.

Revolving around the story of another failed IMF mission, the team sets to find the missing plutonium while being under the supervision of the CIA.


#7 Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

This is the fifth installment of the action spy franchise, that went on floors in 2015, starring two Toms together, the first of course being Cruise and the second one, our very own Tom Hollander.

It follows the adventure of Ethan Hunt, set on a running spree from the CIA after his team dissolves away. He begins his journey with a motive to prove how a global terrorist organization named ‘Syndicate’, is operated by several former intelligence officers worldwide.


#8 The Outsiders

This 1983 coming of age drama film stars Cruise in the role of Steve Randle.

The story portrays the rivalry between two gangs namely, the poor Greasers and the rich Socs, followed by an intense drama when one of the gang members ends up killing the other gang’s mate.


#9 Vanilla Sky

A 2001 sci-fi psychological thriller, this one is inspired by the 1997 Spanish movie ‘Open Your Eyes’, directed by Alejandro Amenábar.

Cruise plays David Aames, who narrates his life story to psychologist Dr. Curtis McCabe, from a prison leaving behind his vast publishing company, passed onto him by his deceased father.


#10 Far And Away

This is a romantic adventure drama released in 1992, starring exes Cruise and Nicole Kidman in lead roles.

The two play Irish immigrants, Joseph Donnelly and Shannon Christie, who struggle to make a fortune in the 1980’s America.


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