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The Weeknd shares his thoughts on fatherhood; Says “I eventually want a family”

The 32-year-old singer Abel Tesfaye, known by his stage name ‘The Weeknd’ recently opened up about his thoughts on kids and marriage.

The Weeknd who all the way back in January 2017, told GQ that he wants to have kids more than he wants to get married “I feel like I’m the kind of guy that would have kids before getting married. The first thing would be kids. Marriage is scary to me, man,” he said at the time.

Have his thoughts changed since then? Seems like it. The singer told GQ that though he sometimes believes he doesn’t want a family, he is convinced that becoming a parent is something he’ll pursue “eventually.”

“I eventually want a family. I know I say I don’t, but I know I do. I want children,” said the artist.

When asked why he has claimed he doesn’t want kids in the past, The Weeknd said, “I guess I say it because I like the trajectory of my career. But also I feel like having children would influence me and inspire me more.”

He also shared about he would explain some of his more R-rated lyrics to his future kids, he responded that it won’t be an issue: “Absolutely. And I’m prepared for it. At the end of the day, it’s my art. And that’s who Daddy was.”

The ‘Save your tears’ singer also opened up to GQ about being sober and quitting drugs, given the fact that he wants to have a family one day as a reason behind his path to quit with drugs.

“I do [drink alcohol]. Occasionally. I’m not a heavy drinker, as much as I used to be. The romance of drinking isn’t there,” he says, adding that marijuana is conceded in his “sober lite” lifestyle.

“Drugs were a crutch. It was me thinking that I needed it. And not doing the work to figure out how not to need it. And I’ve spent the last few years realizing that and thanking God that I don’t need it. Because for a lot of people, it’s hard to shake it. But I knew I didn’t want it.” he adds.

He adds that “making great music is a drug. It’s an addiction and you want to always have that.”

“Fortunately, I’ve been through that and I’ve learned how to channel it. And I’ve experienced enough darkness in my life for a lifetime, I feel lucky that I have music, and that’s probably why I haven’t dabbled into too much therapy, because I feel like music has been my therapy.” he concludes.

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