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The Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order | Easy 2021 Guide

the seven deadly sins watch order

What is the best order to watch these movies in? This article will give you a list of the seven deadly sins and their corresponding films, as well as an explanation for why each film should be watched. Read this article now!

Before you watch The Seven Deadly Sins series, or if you’ve already seen it, you can rewatch it in chronological order, which is why I created the The Seven Deadly Sins Watch Order, like the Monogatari Watch Order and Sword Art Online Watch Order.

The Seven Deadly Sins is divided into three seasons, each with a duration of twenty-six episodes. There are no OVAs in the series. Happiness, for people who enjoy mortal vices. Meliodas’ tale will soon continue to the following stage.

According to Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen, a sequel to The Seven Deadly Sins will be announced in the magazine on January 27, 2021.

The Order of the Seven Deadly Sins on YouTube

Order of the Seven Deadly Sins Release

I. TV Series

II. Movies


IV. Specials

The Order of the Seven Deadly Sins in Chronological Order

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Where Can I Watch The Seven Deadly Sins?

Watch the Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix.

Action Adventure Movie

The Kingdom of Britannia fell into disarray a century ago, when a tiny band of the Holy Knights’ Knights caused a revolution. The mythical seven sins were linked to the General of the Holy Knights’ cruel death and then hunted down without mercy.

Many people in the country thought that the notorious Seven Deadly Sins had been totally eradicated at that point. Some people, however, said that the group was underground.

In the kingdom, ten years passed, and Britannia once again threatened enormous upheaval- this time, it was all of the Knights of the Holy War that rebelled against their leader. His adorable daughter, Elizabeth, sets out on a desperate journey to find the world’s hope.

The last resort is the Seven Deadly Sins! Melorin is a young girl who lives alone on an island with her parents and elder sister. Meliodas, the innkeeper of the island and a member of the legendary group, meets her soon after. They band together to track down the last two members and face enormous challenges.

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