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‘The Green Knight’ has been taken out just two weeks prior to it’s theatrical release for COVID reasons

‘TheGreen knight’ starring Dev Patel has been taken out of its UK theatrical release slot just two weeks before it was about to hit theatres.

Deadline has confirmed that this decision was made by UK Distribution outfit Entertainment Film Distributors (EFD).

Deadline was told that this decision was taken due to the UK’s coronavirus situation, which is looking precarious at present.

The country removed virtually all restrictions on July 19, but that has resulted in a surge of the Delta variant and numbers have been rising close to 50k per day, prompting fears of another lockdown. As things stand, however, cinemas are open for business and there is no immediate suggestion as of now to shut them.

EFD supports its UK releases with sizeable marketing spend so have been worried by the prospect of further devastation that could impact the survival of a significant cinema release. The country is also in the middle of a heatwave which tends to impact takings.

While The Green Knight isn’t the only film to be taken out from the schedule. THR also understands that The Duke, Roger Michell’s British comedy-drama starring Jim Broadbent, Helen Mirren and Fionn Whitehead that Warner Bros. is distributing in the U.K., has been bumped from its September 3 slot and moved to March/April 2022.

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