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Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Date: Dexter Fletcher is sure that there will be Sherlock Holmes 3 movie!

Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Date

Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Date

Robert Downey Jr. is best recognized for playing Tony Stark/Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony isn’t his only big-screen role. He also stars in another big movie franchise, albeit it’s been less apparent as rescuing the world gained precedent.

Downey played Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s literary investigator Sherlock Holmes in “Sherlock Holmes” (2009, Golden Globe). Jude Law is Sherlock’s best buddy Dr. John Watson in Guy Ritchie’s flick. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” followed in 2011.

Despite speculations of a third picture, nothing materialized for years. It felt like “A Game of Shadows” might be the last film with Downey’s detective. The third picture now has a script by “Narcos” co-creator Chris Brancato, a director in “Rocketman” alum Dexter Fletcher, and release date. Downey and his wife, producer Susan Downey, are developing a Sherlock Holmes franchise. Things are coming together well, reviving our excitement. So far, we know everything about Sherlock Holmes 3.

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Sherlock Holmes 3 Release Date

Warner Bros. had planned to release the third film on December 25, 2020, however, the date was pushed back a year to December 22, 2021.

That date was missed, and there is still no set release date for Sherlock Holmes 3. Fletcher said in October of 2020 that they were waiting to see “what’s going to happen in the world” before moving forward with the film.

“How do you get large groups of people together to create something and then shift them all around the world? And what do you do with actors that are in a love scene? It’s complicated,” he said.

We may also get TV program spin-offs, as was previously indicated, although it seems likely that they won’t debut until after the third film has been published in the franchise.

Since so little is known about the upcoming third film, a release date might be difficult to predict. It appears that a December release was always the goal, but we really doubt that it will happen in December 2022. At the earliest, we may hope for a December 2023 release if development begins this year.

Dexter Fletcher gave an optimistic update on Sherlock Holmes 3

sherlock holmes Updates

Since “Avengers: Endgame,” Robert Downey Jr.’s work has been rather little. To be fair, he did crank out a billion movies in the decade preceding up to the MCU finale, and a minor epidemic did knock the globe down for nearly two years during that time, but still. It’s disappointing that we haven’t seen more of Downey, especially in the kinds of parts that we know fans would enjoy.

And by “one Mr. Sherlock Holmes,” I mean every person. The original Guy Ritchie “Sherlock Holmes” picture grossed over $500 million in 2009, and its 2011 sequel accomplished the same, cementing Downey’s popularity outside of Tony Stark. Since Covid, there has been a lot of silence about the upcoming third Sherlock feature.

We were aware that Guy Ritchie had stepped down as director and that Dexter Fletcher (“Rocketman” and the criminally underrated “Eddie the Eagle”) had been tapped to helm the third feature, with both Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr. set to reprise their roles.

Some information regarding Sherlock Holmes Part 3 has come to light thanks to one of the filmmakers of “The Offer,” a program about the creation of “The Godfather,” Mr. Fletcher, who has been doing the interview circuit.

Sherlock Holmes Elementary, my dear Watson

sherlock holmes And Dr. Watson

Fletcher expressed optimism about the production of a third “Sherlock Holmes” film in an interview with Collider’s Christina Radish, stating, essentially, that Downey is too big of a celebrity and the demand is too great for the studio to let the brand burn out.

“The pandemic derailed it. I do think it will get made. I think it has to be made. I don’t know what the timeline of that is, unfortunately, but I believe it should be. It’s fantastic. I think it’s about all the right people being at the right place, at the right time. I think it’s that. It’s one of those cruel twists of fate, where the pandemic hit and that scattered people around the world to the wind. But I know that the appetite is huge for it, and I’m sure there are other people acutely aware of that as well. But I believe it should be because it’s brilliant. I very much hope so.”

It’s hardly surprising that the epidemic messed with Sherlock’s plans. Apparently, even the sneakiest investigator was thrown off by lockdown, and it seems sensible that Warner Bros. would make this a priority. Keep your expectations in check if you’re really itching for another Downey Sherlock adventure, but it does look like Fletcher is employing some ambiguous and careful wording here. People’s calendars are filling up again, and the world is speeding back up.

Even still, if I were a betting man, I’d put money on this happening. Everyone involved in the production, from the performers to the directors, seems to be having a good time, and the movies are obviously aimed at providing a light, entertaining diversion, especially when they feature well-known names and personalities.

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