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Richard Gere Net Worth 2022: American Actor Wealth Is Greater Than You Think!

richard gere net worth

richard gere net worth

Richard Gere is a well-known American actor and producer. Richard Gere’s real name is Richard Tiffany Gere.  In the 1970s, Richard Gere began his film career with roles in films such as Looking for Mr. Goodbar and Days of Heaven. When Richard Gere played American Gigolo in the 1980 hit movie, he became a big star.

The role made Richard Gere a big star in Hollywood and a symbol of intimate relations around the world. Primal Fear, Pretty Woman, and Chicago are some of the movies where he had big roles. He even won a Golden Globe as a part of the cast of Chicago.

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Richard Gere: Net Worth

Richard Gere is an American actor who has a net worth of $120 million as of 2022. Richard Gere A lot of people know Richard Gere from movies like “Chicago,” “Pretty Woman,” and “An Officer and a Gentleman.” He started out in the 1970s. Acting-wise, he has been nominated for many Golden Globe and SAG Awards, as well as other awards. He also campaigns for human rights in Tibet.

Net Worth: $120 Million
Age: 71
Born: August 31, 1949
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor

Early Life Details

Richard Gere is an actor who can do a lot of different things. He has long been thought of as one of the most profitable movie stars. In 1949, he was born Richard Tiffany Gere. It was Doris Ann’s job to be a housewife. His father worked as an insurance agent for the Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.

It was 1967 when Gere graduated from North Syracuse Central High School in New York. He had been a star on the trumpet and in gymnastics. His scholarship for gymnastics paid for him to go to the University of Massachusetts Amherst and study philosophy. After two years, he left and didn’t finish.

Personal Life Details

His marriage to supermodel Cindy Crawford, his spiritual beliefs in Buddhism, and his support for Tibet have also made him a big name away from the movies. When he was with Penelope Milford, they were together from 1971 to 1978. As far back as the mid-eighties, he had short relationships with both Priscilla and Kim Basinger. Gere married Cary Lowell in November 2002.

She was a model and an actress, and they had a daughter together. They have a son named Homer James Jigme Gere. He was born in February 2000. In 2013, they divorced in a very heated court case in the New York County Supreme Court in New York City. When the case was settled in October 2016, it did.

As of April 2018, Gere and Alejandra Silva had a son together.

Career Details

In 1969, Gere started working for the Seattle Repertory Theatre and the Provincetown Playhouse in the United States of America.

When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were dead, he was in the movie with them. It was in 1973 that Gere had his first big success in the theatre. He starred in the stage version of “Grease.” His role in “Baby Blue Marine” came out the next year.

Gere had another hit movie in 1977 when he starred in “Looking for Mr. Goodbar.” Afterward, he was asked to star in the movie “Days of Heaven.”

Gere was already a well-known actor by 1979. He was the first actor to play a gay Holocaust survivor in the movie “Bent,” and he did it for the very first time. In 1980, when he starred in the movie “American Gigolo,” he became the symbol of sex in the United States.

His movie with Jennifer Lopez, “Shall We Dance,” came out in 2004, and he was in it. The movie was a big hit at the box office. His next movie was called “Bee Season.”

Movies like “I’m Not There” and “The Hunting Party” were some of the things he did in 2007. The movies he did from 2008 to 2011 were called “Nights in Rodanthe,” “Amelia,” “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” “Brooklyn’s Finest,” “The Double,” and “Amelia.”

Who Is Richard Gere Married Too?

Richard Gere is a married man. Gere married Alejandra SIlva in April 2018. So far, the couple has had a smooth married life. They have a son together. His name is Alexander.


In the past, Richard Gere was married to Carey Lowell for 14 years, and they had a son. Gere and Lowell were together for a year before they married in 2002.

On October 18, 2016, the couple broke up because of internal problems. They have a child together named Homer James Jigme Gere.

Charity Work

He has been interested in Buddhism since the early 20s, when he was a young man. Zen Buddhism was taught to him by Kyozan Joshu Sasaki for five to six years. Live simply and give a lot, says a Buddhist quote that everyone knows. Do as you would like to be done by. Richard Gere is also very active in a lot of different charities.

He helped a lot of charities, like the Dalai Lama Foundation, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Gere Foundation, the Robert F Kennedy Memorial, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Meals on Wheels, and many more.

In addition, he backed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and gave money to it.


On May 17, 2012, Albanian President Bamir Topi gave Gere the “Medal of Gratitude,” which he said was given to him because he was “an outstanding personality of world art, a great humanist, and an activist for the protection of human rights.” Gere was also praised for exposing “inhuman crimes, ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, in 1999, the Serbian military machine against the Al-Qaeda in Kosovo.” He got the George Eastman Award for making a big contribution to film in 2012.

Favorite Quotes By Richard Gere

“His Holiness [the Dalai Lama] has told me, urgently and repeatedly, that he thinks my photographs are crap. His exact words were, ‘These photos are of poor quality. Why is there no sharp focus? There is no clarity!’” 

“It’s all of our jobs to keep our minds as expansive as possible. If you can see (the terrorists) as a relative who’s dangerously sick and we have to give them medicine, and the medicine is love and compassion. There’s nothing better.” 

“Well, I think on a simple ecological level that the diversity of this planet is important for our survival, that all of our different cultures, people are important to the health of the whole the same way that a species of the animal should be saved and at a simple ecology level.” 

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