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Ozark Season 4: ‘Pound Of Flesh And Still Kickin’ Episode 11 Recap

ozark season 4 episode 11 recap

ozark season 4 episode 11 recap

Have you ever thought you didn’t want anything until you got it and found you really liked it? Money, power, and celebrity? We may either give in to our dark urges or push them away.

If we recollect Marty’s feelings from the first season, he felt unimportant. It’s no surprise that he agreed to help a cartel head with money laundering. Sometimes our greatest desires get the better of us.

Ozark season 4, episode 11 Recap:

Martin and Wendy get into a fight after Marty says he’ll die and Wendy tells him to “suck my crotch.” Marty beats the shit out of the guy, and that’s what I mean by that. On the other hand, he’s been knocked out, and someone else has to help Marty get away from the guy before things get any worse. Marty ends up leaving his car and walking away with rage coursing through his veins.

Because why shouldn’t he? It was only after his short time as cartel boss that he found out that Omar’s sister had ordered the hit on him. This is the first time he’s been in a situation where life and death are involved, so why not do something about it right away?

To be fair to Marty and Wendy, they have a lot going on in their heads. This episode, “Pound of Flesh and Still Kickin’,” has a big return. Rachel (Jordana Spiro), who used to own the Blue Cat, the first big Ozark project for the Byrdes. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen her, back when the Byrdes were just trying to get out of the place alive. Ruth Langmore has hired her to help buy out the Byrdes’ share of the Missouri Belle casino. Because the show is coming to an end, I’m happy that one of the show’s original core players has come back to the show.

Rachel isn’t the only one. There’s also Tuck (Evan George Yourazeris), the Down’s syndrome kid Marty once promised to take care of, but he didn’t do it. Rachel is shocked that he’s fallen through the cracks. Marty says he doesn’t know but did anyone really expect anything better from the guy anyway?

ozark season 4 episode 11 recap

When Wendy had big dreams, she used to count on Charles Wilkes, a Missouri politician who helped her get them off the ground. Darren Goldstein, one of my favorite character actors, plays him. When Ruth and Rachel show up on his doorstep, he can’t refuse their offer. She’s cut ties with him a long time ago, preferring to work with Jim Rattlesdorf instead.

Wendy’s brother, Ben Davis, hasn’t been seen for a long time, and private eye Mel Sattem is looking into it. When Mel looked at surveillance footage from Ben’s last known route, she found that Wendy was in the middle of it, even though she said she didn’t know. Because Nathan is angry with her for lying. She comes up with a story that doesn’t involve her telling the cartel about her brother. You’re not as easy to love as you used to be, says Nathan. Who would agree with me?

They aren’t even the only father and daughter to have a bad talk in this episode. To his daughter Charlotte, Marty spills all of his heart about how Wendy always makes him feel like “I’m the fucking a*h*le,” no matter what. Charlotte thinks they should go back to their marriage counselor. Marty doesn’t mention that she was executed because she knew too much.

It’s not just Rachel and Wilkes that I’m interested in in this episode. Wendy and Camila are trying to get Claire Shaw to keep her end of the old deal with Javi, Ruth is named Wyatt Langmore’s heir and inherits a lot of Darlene Snell’s money, FBI SAC Hannah Clay (Tess Malis Kincaid) is trying to get Marty to keep running the cartel. People who were supposed to be the show’s main characters are now getting a chance to play a role in the show’s end game. This late in the game, what will their moves do? I don’t know, and that’s exciting. I think more shows should make the viewers wonder like this, too. It’s time.

At The End:

We see where Marty is in his life at the end of the episode.

At the jail hospital, Camila eventually meets up with Omar. Marty and Wendy, she says Omar, can move mountains and will get him home. Wendy asks Omar whether Camilla may take Marty’s post at the cartel while he is removed from the SDN list. Marty stands nearby, his face etched with the realization that he had no idea Wendy was going to do this. Omar agrees, leaving Marty with little choice but to acquiesce. Camilla is now the cartel’s leader.

When they depart, Wendy tells Marty that she did it for him so he wouldn’t have to travel to Mexico again, but Marty becomes irritated and cranks up the music in the car. Marty becomes enraged by another motorist and approaches him by exiting his vehicle. Tensions increase and Marty warns the driver that he can murder him with a single phone call. Marty strikes the driver when he calls Wendy a b***h. Marty savagely strikes the victim repeatedly after a brief physical argument. Fortunately, Marty is dragged away by another man.

This moment may be seen in a variety of ways, but the following are the obvious conclusions. Marty is enraged because he believes he has been cast out by his wife and that he no longer has a say in his “power marriage.” Or, maybe, he relished his cartel’s dominance, and Camila’s replacement has shown his real appetite for power. He was the single point of decision-making for the first time in his life, and everyone listened to him. He was well-liked. He realized that losing something meant a lot more to him than he realized.

It might also be a combination of the two. Episode 11 shows what power can do to a person in any case.

Season 6’s eleventh chapter goes into the convoluted situation brewing between the Ozarks, the FBI, the Byrde family, and the cartel.

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