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On Sam Mendes’ birthday, check out his Top 10 exceptional projects of all time

Sam Mendes is THE action film director, who has given exceptionally well films to the world. Did you know he has directed two of the James Bonds films? He has given many films and he has illustrated in affluence is diversity,  it’s uncommon to see Sam Mendes movies undertake the same topic theme more than once.

And it’s the Director’s birthday today! So, here are Sam Mendes’s best works of all time:

1O. Spectre

A James Bond movie and at no. 10? Well, this might be Sam Mendes’s not-so-great of a film. The directional take of this movie fell short of the audience’s expectations and with the casting of Daniel Craig who looks like he would rather be anywhere else playing any other role.

09. Away We Go

This might be the simplest movie of Sam Mendes ever! No complex concepts and issues just a plain romantic movie. However, ideas might comprehend a  deeper than the average rom-com plot but it does so scarcely.

08. Jarhead

A war film that seems resolved to avoid showing the actual war as much as possible and instead indulge in the moments on the sidelines. This movie pulls off a fresh concept which is hard in the genre of war films, but because of its character development, the film is saved.

07. Revolutionary Road

This movie had divided opinions from fans. The strongest details of the film include the production design, cinematography and especially the performance of Michael Shannon as he completely steals the show. However, the negative aspects of the movie are significant enough to bring the entire film down on the scale of wowness.

06. 1917

This movie might even be Mendes’s best work yet! Though the film seems to be a bit bland at first it slowly progresses to establish itself as an extraordinary storytelling judgment that levitates the entire surrounding film.

05. Things We Lost In The Fire

Sam Mendes is the producer of this movie and as per Rotten Tomatoes, “Things We Lost in the Fire is a well-acted, beautifully filmed reflection on love, loss, addiction and recovery from life’s obstacles.”

04. The Kite Runner

This movie is based on Khaled Hosseini’s best-selling of the same name. This film received generally positive reviews from critics and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2007. The film’s score by Alberto Iglesias was nominated for Best Original Score at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards.

03. Skyfall

Though Specter fell short on the fan’s expectation meter, the first Sam Mendes James Bond movie certainly blew all our minds! This movie might even have quite possibly the best cinematography the series has ever seen all thanks to Sam Mendes.

02. Road to Perdition

Best of Sam Mendes – Road to Perdition! The film makes the most of a brilliant cast to tell a brave story with an original concept to set it apart from its counterparts.

01. American Beauty

Just one word- MARVELLOUS! This was the film that launched Sam Mendes’s directorial career to new heights, the film that earned him the Best Director Academy Award, and the film that remains the best movie directed by Sam Mendes.


Which movies are to your liking from the list? 

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