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Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go – Comparison

Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO Go - Comparison

Streaming services are incredibly useful because it allows you to catch glimpses or even binge on your favorite shows on the go. They have been an extension of cable for a long time, but now it seems like they will completely replace the cable boxes as smart TVs and other streaming devices take center stage.

As streaming platforms increase in popularity, users need to ensure safety. You can keep the threats of malware, data theft, and so much more at bay using a VPN. Ensure safety by using VPN with Samsung TV while streaming your favorite shows. Some of the top streaming platforms are Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime Video. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.


The platform is considered a veteran of sorts when it comes to streaming. It provides a unique experience for viewers and remains one of the top streaming platforms worldwide. An additional factor towards the platform’s popularity is that it has received quite a number of rewards which has propelled its ratings further.

It has an incredibly high rating from both viewers and reviews. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the unlimited access to movies, TV shows, specials, and even original programs that viewers access with a monthly subscription. It’s important to note that Netflix constantly adds and takes away movies and TV shows. Viewers should keep an eye out for new and exciting content and monitor those that might be taken down. However, the platform makes it easy for the users to know what shows to watch before they are gone and new arrivals by providing users with a guide.

It has a library of movies and shows, which can come in handy if users are behind on their favorite shows and would like to catch up or simply relieve their experience of an old movie. There are many other guides available that can be useful when trying to find those hidden gems on Netflix. It releases new content weekly. The platform may be ranked on the higher side in terms of price, but it’s still relatively affordable. A basic monthly plan goes for around $10, while a standard plan costs about $15.50 every month.



Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is an amazing streaming platform with loads of benefits. If you enjoy online shopping, then it is worth considering. For a yearly subscription of about $139, users can get two days’ worth of free shipping on purchases, a free Kindle book each month, and unlimited access to Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Video. It’s quite the deal! However, users on a budget or who simply aren’t interested in the additional stuff can opt for the cheaper version, which is only $9 per month.

It’s a real buffet of a variety of TV shows and movies. It has some original programs but not as many as Netflix or HBO Max. Users can enjoy many as free originals and access a long catalog of older films.




With HBO Go, many users can enjoy their favorite shows and movies anywhere. Users can stream using different devices and allow up to three devices to stream at a time. This feature makes it ideal for family usage. An additional feature that makes it an incredible option is that it has an excellent collection for kids and grown-ups. Its interface is easy to use making it. HBO provides a lot of exclusive content and provides content from Warner Bros. Its library is unmatched, making it a favorite among viewers on the go.



Wrapping It Up

All these streaming platforms are incredible in their own right. They each have a unique angle, and therefore users would need to think carefully over which platforms they choose to use.

Price is an important factor to consider, so always keep your budget in mind. Also, keep in mind that each platform provides different values. Ensure that you understand what you want or prefer before selecting a streaming platform.

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