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Moon Knight Season 2: Everything We Know So Far about This Series!

With the release of the sixth episode of the MCU series on Wednesday, May 4, Moon Knight season 1 officially came to an end.

As Disney Plus/Marvel programs’ first seasons come to a close, there is typically some kind of announcement regarding the possibility of a spin-off or a second season, with Loki instantly announcing that a second season was on the way in the show’s final season 1 episode.

The ending of Moon Knight was full of surprises and left the door open for more adventures with the main characters, which got people talking about a possible second season.

Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account teased fans that Season 2 may be in the works by referring to the sixth episode as the “season finale” rather than a “series finale” while celebrating the show’s conclusion. Additionally, the Disney+ Hotstar India official Twitter account tweeted something that might be a signal that the show would return for a second season:

I can’t decide what’s harder. Dealing with heat or waiting for the 2nd season of “Moon Knight”

Recently, significant information about Season 2 was released directly from the show’s director.

Is There A Second Season Of Moon Knight?

Mohamed Diab, who is the director and executive producer of Moon Knight, and Oscar Isaac hinted in a TikTok video that they might announce Season 2 of the MCU show.

However, in response to a supporter on Twitter, Diab reiterated that no decisions have been taken regarding the title character’s MCU destiny, showing that no progress has been made on a second season:

Although there hasn’t been any discussion of the character’s future, this is absolutely true.

In addition, the user suggested that Moon Knight’s producers contact Jewish artists to increase the representation of Jews on the show going forward. Diab wholeheartedly agreed with this suggestion and replied, “This is so valid,” to the user’s tweet.

Moon Knight Season 2 Plot Speculation

Moon Knight’s second season is set to continue Marc Spector’s Moon Knight’s exploits. The avatar of Khonshu dealt with Harrow and his cultists in the first season, but there is a tonne of other possible plotlines a follow-up series may investigate.

While many viewers would be eager to see the masked vigilante take on Werewolf By Night, we believe the Shadow Knight saga would be a cool choice to be adapted in the upcoming series. , made a comeback in this chapter as the deadly Shadow Knight, a perverted version of Moon Knight who served as Khonshu’s avatar.

Additionally, there is the unresolved issue of Marc’s third personality, the allegedly dishonest Jake Lockley, who shot Harrow (Ethan Hawkes) in the head. He is still unknown to Marc and Steven, but that situation won’t likely last much longer.

In fact, Moon Knight’s lead author, Jeremy Slater, has hinted that Jake Lockley’s case would be looked at later. “The greater good is served by everything. He asked The Direct, “But is he going to be a friend? Is he an adversary? I believe all of them are incredibly intriguing questions for whoever has control. That is an intriguing promise, whether it is me or someone else who gets to write the next Moon Knight tale. There is undoubtedly more to this guy’s story.

Moon Knight Season 2: Cast Speculation

Oscar Isaac would almost certainly return as the titular hooded hero if Moon Knight received a second season. That implies Marc and Steven would likely also appear, but the strange thing about Moon Knight is that you can never truly predict which of his personalities will be present from story to story.

The Moon Knight will require his patron deity if he returns. Thus, it is likely that F. Murray Abraham will return to the studio to record Khonshu, the voice of the moon god. In the same way, how can we imagine Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) leaving her husband? Husbands? You’ll excuse us for being a little confused because it’s complicated.

Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is the only Moon Knight character we don’t see returning, at least not significantly. Even if we have enjoyed the glass-crunching lunatic, we just don’t see Hawke agreeing to do any more Marvel-related work. Plus, as you may know, he was shot in the head, which makes a comeback challenging but not impossible.

Where Can I Watch Moon Knight Season 2?

On Disney+, the series is streamed. The streaming service currently has Season 1 available.

Is There A Trailer For Moon Knight Season 2?

The second season of Moon Knight doesn’t have a trailer. It was extraordinarily idealistic of you to even speculate that there would be a second season given that it hasn’t been given the go-ahead. Now you can watch the Season 1 Trailor below:

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