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Minions Rise of Gru Release date: Cast, Plot, Trailer and Everything You Need To Know!

Minions Rise of Gru Release date

Minions Rise of Gru Release date

It’s time for more Minions in the world right now. The answer is yes. If you’ve been missing out on some of the most twee Illumination Entertainment characters, now is the moment to reintroduce yourself to them as we make our way back to the theatres. After four years since the release of “Despicable Me 3,” Universal Pictures will film a new “Minions” movie in 2022, a prequel spin-off of the ongoing “Despicable Me” animated series. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” takes place between “Minions” and “Despicable Me” in the “Despicable Me” timeline. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” is also the fifth film in what has grown into one of Universal Pictures’ biggest series, with a total worldwide gross of $3.7 billion from the previous “Minions” and “Despicable Me” films (via The Numbers).

“Minions: The Rise of Gru,” directed by Kyle Balda (“The Lorax”) and co-directed by Brad Ableson (“The Simpsons”) and Jonathan del Val (“The Secret Life of Pets 2”), will take us back to Gru’s (Steve Carell) formative years in the groovy 1970s, when the egg-shaped ne’er-do-well was a young boy, to fill in more of the puzzle. Many of Gru’s Minions, including Kevin, Stuart, and Bob from the first “Minions” movie appear in “Minions: The Rise of Gru.”

Check out the newest details on “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” such as its release date, cast, and storyline synopsis below.

What is the release date of Minions: Rise of Gru?

On July 1, 2022, “Minions: The Rise of Gru” is scheduled to open in theatres. There have been a few major release date changes for the second “Minions” movie since its initial release date was first scheduled. “Minions: The Rise of Gru” was originally scheduled to be released on July 3, 2020. (via Deadline). As soon as word of the movie’s release date was made public, the release date was also made public. Nonetheless, Universal Pictures decided to postpone the release date by a year to July 2, 2021, in April 2020. (via CNBC). Due to theatre closures and COVID concerns in the early days of the pandemic, this resulted in a significant drop in attendance.

Earlier this year, Universal moved the release date of “Minions: The Rise of Gru” even another year, to July 2022, as reported by Deadline in March. In order to secure a strong opening weekend for the sequel, Universal has pushed back the release date of the first film by a few weeks to give marketing partners more time to promote it.

Watch the Minions: The Rise of Gru Trailer

An unofficial trailer for the film, which was preceded by a teaser released by Illumination a few days earlier, was unveiled on February 5, 2020. Gru’s early life in the suburbs, where he has big dreams, is depicted in this action-packed trailer. Aspiring to be a supervillain, he visits the world-famous super villain group The Vicious 6 and steals a valuable stone from them to prove his worth.

That’s unfortunate, since Gru soon learns that Otto, one of the Minions, has lost the stone. It was only when Gru and his scamps set out on their hunt that they realised they’d poked the wrong bear. The teaser promises that Minions: The Rise of Gru will be nothing but a hundred percent fun with its iconic comedy, throwback visuals, and over-the-top action sequences.

Who Are the Confirmed Characters in Minions: The Rise of Gru?

The future film will feature a plethora of new characters, including a preteen Gru and his minions. The following is a list of all the main characters in Minions: Gru’s rise to power:

Gru’s younger self is voiced by Steve Carell. In the film, Gru is a suburban child in the 1970s who aspires to be a great villain and the new leader of the Minions. He is also the new leader of the Resistance.

Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Otto, and the rest of the Minions are all voiced by Pierre Coffin. The Minions have been on Earth for more than a million years, as was established in the last film. With no purpose in life, they look for a wicked master to fulfil them. They have a new master in Gru, and they want to do everything it takes to make him the greatest evil ever. At the very least, they’ll give it their best shot.

Belle Bottom is voiced by Taraji P. Henson. The Vicious 6, a team of super-villains, is led by her.

Gru wants to replace Wild Knuckles, the old leader of The Vicious 6, with Alan Arkin’s Wild Knuckles.

Master Chow, an acupuncturist and Kung Fu expert, is voiced by Michelle Yeoh in the film.

Jean Clawed is voiced by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jean Clawed is a lobster-sized super villain and a member of The Vicious 6.

“Nunchuck” is portrayed by Lucy Lawless in this clip. She’s a nun, but she’s also a member of The Vicious 6, a group of supervillains.

Dr. Nefario is voiced by Russell Brand. Nefario has aspirations of being a crazy scientist. The future Dr. Nefario plays a significant part in the Despicable Me films as he joins Gru as an assistant.

Svengeance, Stronghold, and Gru’s mother Marlena, played by Dolph Lundgren, Danny Trejo, and Julie Andrews, also appear in the film. RZA will also provide his vocal talents to the project, albeit his part has not been revealed as yet.

What is the Background of Minions: The Rise of Gru?

It is a prequel to the 2015 Minions movie, which depicted the Minions’ journey from the beginning of time. Minions: The Rise of Gru tells the narrative of Gru’s beginnings. In search of a leader for hundreds of millions of years, the friendly band of yellow animals has finally found one. They meet Gru towards the end of the movie, and he becomes their new master.

We have only seen Gru as a grown man, who adopts three children and marries a lady, abandoning his evil profession in the earlier films in the franchise. All about Gru’s childhood, the fifth part reveals how the supervillain we see in Despicable Me came to be.

What is the plot of Minions: Rise of Gru?

Fans will be transported to the 1970s in “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” where a young Gru aspires to be a legendary supervillain. According to Universal Pictures’ official website for the film, “”When the Vicious 6 oust their leader, legendary fighter Wild Knuckles, Gru interviews to become their newest member,” the sequel to “Minions” states. In the beginning, things don’t go well, and things get worse when Gru outsmarts them and becomes the apex of evil’s mortal enemy.”

When Otto, one of Gru’s newest Minion horde members, manages to misplace the priceless artefact Gru was expecting to use as a pawn in his talks to join The Vicious 6, Gru’s intentions to prove himself to The Vicious 6 go even farther haywire. In order to fulfil Gru’s ambition of becoming a supervillain, Gru, Otto, the Minions, and The Vicious 6 must work together to correct Otto’s error and elude the hands of The Vicious 6.

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