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How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

How to Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing

Today’s kids learn how to operate mobile phones from a very early age. Interestingly, 53% of children living within the U.S. possess a smartphone by the time they’re 11 years old. If left unchecked, these kids can use their phones for all the wrong reasons. That’s why the majority of parents these days search for ingenious ways to track their kid’s phones without them knowing.

Read on to learn how you can “track my kid’s phone.”

Why Might You Need to Track Your Kid’s Phone?

Children love mischief. They may use their smartphones to buy drugs or get into risky investment schemes. Let’s look at five reasons that may prompt you to track your kid’s phone:

How mSpy Can Help Track Your Kid’s Phone Discreetly

You’re probably wondering: can I track my child’s phone without them knowing? Well, there are certain mobile apps that you can install to spy on your kid’s device without them even realizing it.

mSpy is the best tracking software in this category. It utilizes two tracking features to monitor your child: GPS real-time tracking and Geofencing.

mSpy has a built-in GPS Phone Location Tracker that provides accurate details about your kid’s location in real-time. Apart from displaying the Map and List views, this feature reveals the target phone’s geographical coordinates and physical address. You can even view your children’s route history to find out where they’ve been all day.

mSpy, as a geo fencing app, allows parents to set safe zones and forbidden zones ─ you can specify as many zones as you’d like. Once your kid enters the forbidden zones or exits the safe zones, a notification is sent to your email. You can also monitor your child’s movements via a user-friendly map.

Alternative Free Tracking Solutions

Many parents today ask: how can I track my teenager without her knowing? Here are two free tracking solutions you can try.

Find My Android

Android phones have an inbuilt tool called the ‘Android Device Manager’ that can help parents to access their kids’ GPS location. To use this feature, simply log into your target user’s Google account and view all the linked devices at the bottom of your screen. Next, select the specific phone that you’d like to monitor. This trick will allow you to track your target’s location in real-time.

You can also install an app called ‘Find My Device’ from Google Play Store and sign in using the target user’s Google credentials. Sadly, these two methods only provide access to your kids’ location, but you won’t be able to view their messages, calls, and shared multimedia. mSpy offers unrestricted access to all this information.

Find My iPhone and Family Sharing

Another way you can monitor a kid’s phone without them knowing is by using the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature that’s integrated into most iPhone devices. This tool allows you to track your kid’s precise location by signing into iCloud using your child’s Apple ID login credentials.

Apple also provides a ‘Family Sharing’ feature that allows users to invite up to six family members. To activate it, simply click on Setting and choose the Family Sharing option. Next, tap on Location Sharing and choose the option labeled Invite Family Members. This feature should also be activated on your child’s iPhone to allow live location monitoring.

However, you still won’t have access to your kid’s messages, calls, and social media accounts using these free tracking solutions.


It’s every parent’s responsibility to protect their kids from online fraudsters. After conducting some in-depth research, we’ve found mSpy to be the most effective tracking solution for parents.

Apart from tracking your kid’s phone discreetly, this spy app offers unrestricted access to your child’s emails, SMS, social media messages, and more. Download it today to enjoy all these benefits.


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