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Here’s a new rumor: Kylie Jenner all set to welcome baby no.2?

Is Stormi Webster going to have another baby brother or baby sister? Kylie Jenner is in the rumors arena again; fans are truly convinced that the star is pregnant for the second time with singer and rapper Travis Scott. After she reconciled her relationship back with her ex and baby daddy Travis Scott it is a high chance that she might be expecting again.  

Fans started to notice some odd behavior change in Kylie Jenner and they were all up to decipher the code of mystery. All the clues that they proved were pointed in one direction is that she might be expecting again. The clues are as follows:  

She avoided the raw fish.

-Diet is the first thing a mother focuses on during her pregnancy. The Keeping Up with the Kardashian star is very fond of Shushi ( a Japanese dish with raw fish), in a recent event she avoided the raw fish, and instead, she opted for plain avocado roll.  

She did not take the tequila shot. 

-Kylie’s love for the winery is no secret. When she was present at Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila launch party, she was seen taking the shot with her to the back of the camera. Which obviously made her fans think that she is pregnant again. One fan even tweeted, After Kylie not taking that shot… she’s pregnant. 

She is spending a whole lotta time with her baby daddy. 

-The relationship to be romantic again can be a huge sign that the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star is expecting with singer and rapper Travis Scott.   

In 2017, she was very successful in hiding her pregnancy but fans knew since the beginning that she might be expecting. Maybe the fans are right this time too or maybe not.  

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