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‘Fear Street’: The all new teen slasher trilogy is here, 25 years after the ‘Scream’ franchise

Ever wondered about a binge-able horror movie series? Netflix is here with the scariest horror and thriller movie trilogy ‘Fear Street.’ The reincarnation of a teen slasher after 25 years of ‘Scream’ is in this scary Netflix trilogy. It seems like yesterday when the evergreen trend of the ‘Scream’ mask started as a Halloween costume.

These films are loosely based on R.L Stine’s written books of the same name. These young adult book series have successfully created a reinvention of teen slasher, by adding some extra punch of sex, slaughter, bloodshed, and exhilarating era with the queer romance, lead actors of color, and mythological superstitions.
The 1994 movie (part 1 of this trilogy) starts, as all classic horror movies do, with a young woman being killed. From there, you learn that the town of Shadyside has long been haunted by a dead witch named Sarah Fier, and the endless killing begins.
Kiana Madeira, who plays the tough character of Deena Johnson had a different reaction to the terrifying murder. She said, “It just didn’t feel natural expressing myself in that way when scary things are happening,” Madeira says. “I just kept my head down and kept that intensity to want to fix the problem and chase the killer as opposed to feeling like a scared victim.” According to her, the character was more about toughness than give away her scream in the beginning, and we are sure it was a great idea.
Fear Street is a bloody exceptional and spine-chilling movie, No really, it’s bloody.

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