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Eminem’s 19 year old child comes out as non-binary; Urges fans to call them “Stevie (they/she/he)”

Eminem, 48, legally adopted Stevie in 2005 after reconciling with his ex Kim Scott, who is Stevie’s mother.

The 19-year-old made the announcement in the TikTok video where they told their followers their name is Stevie.

They said their chosen pronouns were “they/she/he” and added the hashtags “genderfluid” and “bi”. “forever growing and changing <3 #greenscreen #genderfluid #bi #life,” they captioned the post.

The video starts off with audio of someone crying before a montage of photos is shown to document Stevie’s transformation over the years.

Fans and followers showered their love in Stevie’s comment box. Even half-sister Hailie Mathers “liked” the video. Stevie also revealed how they came up with their new name, explaining in the comments, “I spent a long time trying to pick a name I felt uncomfortable with and the first name I felt comfortable with is Stevie!”

Stevie added that they were “working on” changing their name officially on their passport.

The name Stevie first appeared in the obituary for their late grandmother, Kathleen Sluck, who died in July. It read, “Kathleen was an exceptional mom to her two daughters; Kim and Dawn; and was overjoyed to become a grandmother to her grandchildren; Alaina, Adam, Hailie, Stevie, P.J., and Parker.”

Back in 2017 Stevie came out as bisexual and requested at the time to go by the pronouns she/they.

Stevie’s biological father, Eric Hartter, died of an alleged drug overdose in 2019. Kim gave birth to Stevie six months after divorcing Eminem in 2001.

Eminem also has daughters, Hailie,25, and 28-year-old Alaina.
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