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Demi Lovato sets Instagram on fire in magical monochrome photoshoot with Allie Marie Evans

The 28 year old American artist Demi Lovato had publicly come out as non-binary and changed gender pronouns to they/them, on May 19, 2021.

Recently, the pop star and actress Demi Lovato made headlines as they criticized and voiced their opinions on the massive crowd gathering at Lollapalooza.

They posted a photo of a packed crowd, and wrote in an Instagram Story, “C’MON Y’ALL!!! good morning from lollapalooza. yes this pic is real. THERE IS STILL A PANDEMIC HAPPENING!!!”



The ‘Solo’ singer again made headlines, but this time for a whole another reason! They shared a set of photos for a photo shoot they did with friend and actress Allie Marie Evans. Just yesterday Demi posted photos where they can be seen posing for a photo with a bold and fierce expression, with a leg resting on their shoulders. Lovato captioned the pics with, “Made some magic w @thetylershields last week.. more to come soon 😈🖤.”

With just a glance, fans were hooked and excited for the rest of the pictures to reveal. And did Demi serve! They along with Evans served a whole 5-course meal! Lovato posted another photo, where they are seen having the tip of Evans heels in their mouth and captioned it with a witty subtitle- “*No louboutins were harmed in the making of this photograph*”



However, Demi recently posted another set of photos from the same photoshoot and our jaws are on the floor! The pair (Lovato and Evans) looks ethereal and very stunning. Looks like the bar for photoshoots is set at exceptional.

And it seems like they know it as this time they captioned the pics with, “😏🖤”

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