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Dancing On Glass: Ending Explained, Are They Die At The End & Everything We Know

Dancing On Glass Ending Explained

Dancing On Glass Ending Explained

During a time of stress for a newly promoted ballerina, she and an exiled dancer create their own world free of the constraints imposed by the expectations of others.

Airdate: 1 April 2022 (Spain)
Director: Jota Linares
Distributed by: Netflix
Costume design: Alberto Valcárce

‘Dancing on Glass’ (also known as ‘Las Nias de Cristal’) was directed by Jota Linares. As two young ballerinas strive to navigate the rigours of the ballet world, the film chronicles their progress. After being chosen to be the prima ballerina in her ballet company’s next show, Irene (Mara Pedraza) develops a fast friendship with Aurora (Alison Brie) (Paula Losada). Despite the difficulties they face, the two young ladies find refuge in one other and grow secluded as a result.

Irene and Aurora’s emotional connection is the driving force behind the heartwarming and complex narrative. After a shocking and unexpected occurrence, the film ends without conclusively resolving what happens to the ladies. If you’re seeking an explanation of the finale of ‘Dancing on Glass,’ here it is!

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The narrative of the film Dancing on Glass’ (2022) is summarised here:

In the opening minutes of “Dancing on Glass,” dancer Maria leaps from the top of a New York City building. Dancer Irene dances with a Spanish dance ensemble as a teenager. Both Irene and Maria are dancers in the same company, and they’re friends. ‘Giselle,’ with Maria as the prima ballerina, will be staged in the future. After Maria’s untimely death via suicide, the new prima ballerina is selected over her close friend Ruth.

A new dancer named Aurora joins the group in the meanwhile. As a former ballet dancer, Aurora’s mother has high hopes for her daughter’s future success. When it comes to Irene’s family, they’re a little bewildered by her desire to pursue a vocation in dancing. In preparing for her new role as lead dancer, Irene finds herself cut off from the rest of the group almost as soon as she takes on the new role.

At a party, Aurora and Irene begin a discussion, which leads to a friendship. In no time, Aurora is helping Irene cope with the stress of being the star performer. At the same time, Irene is helping Aurora overcome her social anxieties with her support and guidance.

Invited by Jon, a handsome and kind young man, the two females are taken to an underground theatre. When Jon kisses Aurora at the end of the show, she falls head over heels in love. Irene tells Aurora to see Jon in person if he doesn’t respond to her phone calls. However, when Aurora arrives at the theatre, she sees Jon having an inappropriate sexual relationship with a lady. Her dance career is placed in risk by the automobile accident she gets into while fleeing.

When Aurora’s mother finds out about the accident, she prohibits her daughter from ever meeting Irene again, fearing for Aurora’s well-being. Irene, on the other hand, is starting to crumble under the weight of Norma’s demands. Also, Norma tells Irene to separate herself from the rest of the world so that she can focus on the upcoming opening night performance.

Rather of helping Irene improve her dancing, she sees Aurora as a diversion. In contrast, Irene and Aurora manage to find a way back together and maintain their great bond. However, the difficulties of becoming a dancer eventually catch up to the two ladies.’ A major part of the story focuses on this.

Irene and Aurora: Are They Dead at the End of the ‘Dancing on Glass’ Film?

After a gruelling practice session, Irene is finally ready for the show’s opening night. However, she gets into a fight with her co-dancer just before the event after he dumps her during practice. Clearly, Irene’s mental instability has reached a breaking point, as seen by this episode, and her performance as the lead dancer will be her last.

Because of this, she feels that she is the target of everyone in her life’s wrath, even relatives. As the lead dancer’s anchor, Aurora provides Irene with a sense of security. Viewers are left wondering if Norma’s oppressive acts would lead to Irene’s demise in the same way they did for Maria as the tale develops.

Near the end of the film, viewers will realise that Maria died of her own guilt rather than as a consequence of Norma’s pressure. As Irene is a prima ballerina, she has to cope with more than just the psychological pressures that come with the job. Lacking self-confidence has put Irene under strain, and her fears of failing have reverberated through the people around her.

To put it another way, Irene will be put to the ultimate test on opening night. Irene is aided in her focus by Aurora’s presence backstage during the performance. Irene’s performance in the first act is so captivating that the audience offers her a standing ovation.

Dance To Glass (2022)

In the interval, Norma observes Irene and Aurora backstage and tells Aurora to go so she doesn’t bother Irene. Because of her injuries, Norma believes Aurora will never be able to dance again. Irene kills Norma by pushing her against a wall after Aurora stabs her in the heart.

After Irene’s second act, the audience gives her a standing ovation and a standing ovation. In contrast, Irene and Aurora leave the theatre as soon as the show is over, and they climb the structure together. In the last moments, images show Irene and Aurora standing on the terrace’s edge before they dance together.

It all comes to an end with a freeze-frame shot of Irene and Aurora dancing and having fun together. Earlier in the film, Aurora teaches Irene about her “safe zone,” an imaginary destination she travels to when performing. She chooses to tell Irene about her safe haven since she believes that no one can harm her there.

This is an idea that Irene quickly adopts, and the two of them often spend time in this imaginary world where the limits of professional dancer life, as well as external and internal expectations, are meaningless. In the final shot, we see the two of them in their safe haven. That’s how the movie concludes, hinting that they’ve permanently migrated to their new home location.

Like Maria, whose mental anguish led her to do the horrific crime of allowing her mother’s death, Irene and Aurora bear responsibility for Norma’s death. This pair’s shame over the situation has reached a breaking point for their mental health, and they are most likely to take their own lives as a result of their guilt. Consequently, they are finally free of all their cares and may spend the rest of eternity in a delightfully secure environment.

“Dancing on Glass” (2019) Mystery Movie is now available to watch on Netflix.

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