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Connie Smith releases a new album ‘The Cry of the Heart’ at age 80 and here’s what keeps her singing

The 80 year old legendary country music singer is a great inspiration to many, as the American musician just rolled out an all new album, titled ‘The Cry of the Heart’,  which marks her 37th studio project, and the lady reveals what keeps her motivated and going at singing her heart out even at this age.

Connie Smith, who has been honoured with the ‘Country Music Hall Of Fame’ to her name revealed a few details about the place she seeks inspiration from in her recent conversation with ‘PEOPLE’, sharing, “It’s what I love … I love music. I can sing around the table. I can sing at the kitchen sink. It don’t make a difference. It’s just in me, and I think that’s my destiny.”

Being all praises for an exceptionally talented songwriter Dallas Frazier, the country musician shared, “He just has such a big heart, and he can read people, and he read me. He knows the kind of song I like, and sometimes he’s even sung them like he thinks I’d sing them, and he’s usually right. He’s just amazing.”

Talking about the reason as to why she named her latest album with husband Marty Stuart the name it has geen given, the singer revealed, “It’s my heart going out to the people that I sing to, so if this song fits them, then they know someone identifies with them. And it makes them feel better when someone identifies with their pain or their joy.”


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