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Canadian betting scandals, reforms, and standings

In honor of this year’s legalization of online gambling, it is only appropriate to take a look back at the history of Canadian gambling. The good, the bad, and the dirty have paved the way for the free gambling accessible today.

Nowadays, a simple Google search will tell you whatever it is that you are looking for. There are sites which can tell you everything you need to know about canada sportsbook reviews, just as there are sites which will tell you everything you need to know about various sports and tournaments. In this article, we will focus on the biggest moments in Canadian betting history.

The short-lived Sport Select law

In 1984, the Canadian parliament legalized wagering through the usage of national sports pools. The legalization was ultimately to counter the lottery which dominated the provincial markets. Through sports pools, people had to use intellect and skill, not chance, in order to win. However, the concept of sports pools didn’t even last the year, and was revised in 1985 into the legal wagering form of parley betting which was in place until 2021.

Single game betting

Since the fall of 2021, the Canadian government has implemented , literally, a game-changing betting law: the legalization of single game betting. Previously, Canadians could only participate in parley, or multi-game betting. After realizing that the Canadian government was losing millions of money every year to game operators abroad due to this law, they decided to overturn the ban on single game betting. The legalization means that not only can Canadians now bet on historic one-off games such as series finales or the Super Bowl, but they can also participate in live betting and game specific events.

The match fixing scandals

There is also a dark side to Canadian gambling. At several points in time, the Canadian Soccer League has been accused of match fixing. The latest major scandal took place in 2015, when the International Centre for Sports Security (ICSS) released a report claiming that half of the Canadian soccer games presented “suspicious betting patterns”.

Ontario online betting launch

Last but not least, the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO) launched the first legal online wagering platform earlier this year. The Commission’s Gambling branch, iGaming Ontario, has been put in charge of providing gaming licenses to interested game operators and to deal harshly with active non-licensed providers. Several of the world’s biggest gaming apps, such as FanDuel and Bet365, are now finally available to Canadian gamblers.

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