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Canada’s Biggest Sport Stars Today

Canada's Biggest Sport Stars Today

Right now, it is an inspiring time for Canadian tennis and ice hockey players. Over the years, Canada has produced a number of very successful athletes who competed in different sports, including ice hockey, athletics, and baseball. Throughout the years, Canadian athletes have made a name for themselves in various sports and represented the nation at the highest level. It is impossible to list here all the great Canadian athletes, but we take a look at those who had the biggest impact on the sports industry.

Wayne Gretzky

Born in January of 1961, Wayne Gretzky is one of the most successful Canadian ice hockey players. Wayne Gretzky, nicknamed The Great One, played twenty seasons in the NHL for the New York Rangers, St. Louis Blues, Los Angeles Kings, Edmonton Oilers, and Indianapolis Racers.

Speaking of the NHL, has a very detailed review of BetMGM’s online sportsbook if you want to place bets on your favorite NHL teams. Back to Wayne Gretzky, who retired in 1999 and focused on his coaching career. Since 2016, he has been working for Oilers Entertainment Group as its vice-chairman.

Rick Hansen 

Rick Hansen was born in August of 1957. He is a former track and field competitor and one of the few Canadian athletes who competed at the Paralympic Games. At the 1980 Paralympic Games, Rick Hansen won a gold medal in the 800 m 4 competition.

Rick Hansen also competed at the 1984 Paralympic Games, where he won two gold medals, one in 1500 m 4 and the other one in the marathon four events. Since retiring, Rick Hansen has focused on running his foundation, the Rick Hansen Foundation, which focuses on raising funds for spinal cord injury research.

Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins

Ferguson “Fergie” Jenkins is one of the most successful Canadian baseball players. Ferguson Jenkins was born in December of 1942. He competed for different teams in the MLB for almost two decades, from 1965 until 1983. During his career, he played for the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, Chicago Cubs, ad Philadelphia Phillies.

Ferguson Jenkins also played for the Harlem Globetrotters for two years, from 1967 to 1969. Today, he lives with his family in Texas. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren, and he is very active on social media.

Donovan Bailey

Donovan Bailey is one of the most successful Canadian sprinters. He competed at the 1996 Olympic Games, where he set the world record for the one hundred meters (9.84 seconds). He also competed at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games but was forced to withdraw after being diagnosed with pneumonia.

Donovan Bailey retired in 2001 after competing at the World Championships, which was held in Edmonton. Shortly after retiring, Bailey started the DBX Sport Management company, which assists young athletes with finding sponsors. He also opened a sports injury clinic in Ontario. Since his retirement from sports, he also worked for Eurosport, CTV, and CBC as a sports commentator.


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