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‘Better Call Saul’ Season 6 ‘Episode 4’ Review: Hit and Run

'Better Call Saul' Season 6 'Episode 4' Review

'Better Call Saul' Season 6 'Episode 4' Review

Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 4 Spoiler

In the fictional world of Better Call Saul, you never know who your neighbors are. The treasurer of the county with a picture-perfect family? In the millions, he’s stealing. No, it’s not the owner of the chicken chain. he’s the boss of a drug empire. Chemistry instructor from high school, don’t you remember her? He’s preparing meth. This means that even your ticket collector may be a one-man demolition team for a local gang.” It’s impossible to believe someone is who they seem to be.

There is only one exception: Jimmy, or should we say, Saul Goodman. Saul advertises to the world who he is and to whom he is catering with his bright outfits, flashy ads, and schmoozy behavior. As far as I can tell, it’s right in the name. So far, he’s managed to be open and honest about the products and services he offers and the types of customers he hopes to attract without offending the individuals with whom he often deals. Perhaps a little more restraint might have been used. Jimmy’s legal services for Lalo Salamanca have been well-publicized, which is excellent for business but has made him unwelcome in the courts. However, Kim still stands by Jimmy’s side despite the fact that they are no longer considered “respectable” people.

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As a bonus, Kim is more adept at blending in than Jimmy is. When she’s conniving Cliff Main, you can see it, but it’s also evident when she’s interacting with Jimmy. After fearing she was being tracked by the police and confronting those who were following her (was it, Anthony Carrigan?!). On the off chance that this is a Barry/Kim crossover, Kim finally meets Mike. Because of the “possibility” that Lalo is still out there, Mike explains to her and Jimmy why they’re being monitored.

Mike tells Kim about it because he believes she’s “made of sterner material” than Jimmy and can handle it. Though she’s worried about Jimmy and Lalo already, Kim manages to put her worries on hold long enough to tell Jimmy what he wants to know about office space and then go out for tacos. Kim has a secret now that everyone else in Albuquerque seems to know about it.

“Hit and Run” appears to be a breather following last week’s dramatic, instant classic episode. Unlike Gus and Mike, we’re mostly awaiting Lalo’s arrival like them. After seizing Howard Hamlin’s car while he goes to a therapy session, Jimmy uses it to pick up the prostitute Wendy so that he may arrange a dramatic scene in front of where Kim and Cliff are having coffee. Jimmy’s goal is to ruin Howard’s image.

It’s nice that the episode provides us a glimpse into Howard’s therapy session, revealing that his upbeat exterior may be masking deeper problems at home. Once again, it serves as a reminder that, despite his reputation as a bumbling idiot, Howard isn’t wholly deserved the treatment he’s getting. Kim refuses to accept that he is behaving in a cruel manner, but the audience is more aware of it.

Gus, on the other hand, is still waiting for Lalo to return and retaliate against Nacho, despite Nacho having cleared his reputation. He’s done all he can to keep an eye on the city, including wearing a bulletproof vest beneath his clothing and having Mike distribute his soldiers to keep an eye on every part of the city. Even more bizarre is the fact that Gus has a body double in his house and has built a hidden tunnel to his neighbor’s house, which he uses as a monitoring hub while his yuppy neighbors go about their daily lives. Gus is the master of staying out of sight but maintaining an air of authority.

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