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Benjamin Burnley Illness: Is Suffer From Wernicke–korsakoff Syndrome | Health Updates

Benjamin Burnley Suffer From Wernicke–korsakoff Syndrome

Benjamin Burnley Suffer From Wernicke–korsakoff Syndrome

Burnley is a recovered alcoholic who once admitted to wanting to “drink himself to death.” He claims he regrets ever consuming a drop of alcohol and suffers from Wernickeu2013Korsakoff syndrome as a result of his previous binge drinking.

“I’m still severely unwell after getting the same responses from over 300 doctors: ‘We don’t know what’s wrong with you,” Burnley tells Rolling Stone. He continues, “I slammed down my medical records, which are as thick as a phone book, and marched out the last time I was at a doctor’s office. I’m sick of being a test subject. Now I just do my job despite the excruciating discomfort.”

The singer confesses that he initially felt unwell in 2007 and continues, “I can only assume that excessive drinking was the culprit. I used to be an alcoholic who quit drinking in 2007 after becoming ill. I was up for three days straight drinking. I felt weak, disoriented, and saw spots when I awoke, and they never went away. ‘Wow, I really did a number on myself,’ I thought. I’m going to relax for a few days and not drink anything.’ That, however, did not occur. It’s just gotten worse.”

Burnley claims that doctors have sought to treat his symptoms rather than his ailment, which has only exacerbated his condition. “I have an excruciating condition,” the singer explains. “At the same time, I feel like I’m being poisoned, electrocuted, and whirled about. I’m in excruciating pain and suffer from significant joint and muscular discomfort.”

He claims that he enjoys singing and playing the guitar “The muscle and joint pain is so excruciating that it distracts me from my other symptoms, therefore it’s really relieving. My sole source of comfort is excruciating agony. It’s an awful, horrible situation, and it wouldn’t be worth living through if I didn’t have the support of all my followers, as well as my amazing wife and kid.”

Burnley claims that he utilizes his discomfort as motivation when performing live. The singer admits, “I get irritated.” “It’ll drive me even harder if I’m dizzy on stage. I don’t let it bite me one by one; instead, I charge straight through it. And if I go down, I’ll do what I love for the people who want to watch me perform.”

Breaking Benjamin has a packed tour schedule ahead of them, as is customary for the band.

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